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16.06 2018
May use to a time where I introduce a lot of new pictures because of the approaching summer, but not this time. There is only one new gallery this time, three updates of existing galleries plus one gallery which have been enlarged with another guy's pics of a singlet I have had for fourteen years. Finally there are three galleries which have been moved from the Active part to the Archive part.
Demon gallery other's - Floral gallery update - A256 Striped Workout - Orange EVO Moc update - Rufskin update

21.05 2019
In March I was visited by my spandexguys friend Brian, who gave me a bag full of tights! And those tights I in April have started to work my way through, and this has resulted in three new galleries in my Longs section. Another new gallery is my new Royal Leotard, which soon became my new favorite wrestling outfit.
Royal Leotard gallery - A253 Grey Nike gallery - Black Wet Bodysuit gallery update - A254 Inoc tights gallery - Sunbuster Stirrup gallery update - Navy Nike gallery update - Pink zentai gallery update - Black zentai gallery update - A255 Red Crivit gallery - Yellow Football gallery update

08.05 2019
March was unusual wet this year, for long before the month had ended a new record in precipitation had been made. Yet still I managed to do quite a lot of running and even three wrestling sessions! Although there were quite a lot of new pictures there were no new galleries.
Royal blue Hind gallery update - Sunbuster5 gallery update - UA Cold White gallery update - Sunbuster royal gallery update - Avia black/red gallery update - Black Ballet gallery update - Red UA top gallery update - Red/black mask gallery update - El Santo gallery update - Red Cobblestones gallery update

10.04 2019
February is always low when it comes to new pictures, and this year saw no change in that. Only four galleries offer new updates, and one of these are only with another guy's pictures of a similar Kenya speedsuit.
C19 Kenya speedsuit gallery update - A161 Midnight River gallery update - A233 Purple Avia gallery update - A57 Why Things Burn gallery update

05.03 2019
Thank God for wrestling, for otherwise I would not have had many new pictures from the month of January - only six pictures from a short run in the Dyrehaven parkland. But luckily I had visited Berlin, and from there I have brought several new pictures, among those more pictures of my new Pink/white bodysuit and my Demon singlet.
A156 Realtree Pants gallery update - C130 Reversible Matman gallery - C129 PinkWhite body gallery update - C21 Demon gallery update

22.01 2019
Heading into winter I normally don't make so many pictures for my galleries - unless I get some wrestling done. And this time there are pictures from both November and December, but no wrestling! So there are only three updates in the Longs section and one new gallery in the Bodysuits section.
Red Lava gallery update - Silver Rock gallery update - Hind Core gallery update - Pink/white bodysuit gallery

15.12 2018
For the regular update of this site I have now arrived to the October pictures. This month I had a lot of wrestling done, the reason why there mostly are pictures from the various wrestling matches I had in Neuss near Düsseldorf and in Paris. Though one more new gallery has come this month, and this is the UA Crog7 white gallery in the Shirts section.
Speedo gallery update - UA Navy Gold UA Moc gallery update - UA Crog7 white gallery - Red Lava gallery update - Red Lightning gallery update - YellowBlack Rhino gallery update - Liquid silver singlet gallery update - El Santo gallery update - Superman gallery update - Ron Jon gallery update - Speedo34 gallery update - N2N Ultraskin gallery - Red/grey singlet gallery update

20.11 2018
There have not been so many new pictures in the recent months, so this time there are both the new pictures taken in August and September. At the same time there are three new galleries: two in the Bodysuits section and one in the Longs section.
Navy UA Compression shirt gallery update - Galactic gallery update - LtBlue speedsuit gallery - Sasu gallery update - Hughes gallery update - N2N Silver singlet gallery - Under Armour gallery - noname Turquoise gallery update - UA Metal Moc gallery update

05.10 2018
July brought another month of hot and dry weather, so quite unusually I was wearing shorts as daywear most of the days. Also there was one new gallery in my Bodysuits section: my Purple Leotard!
Chapel Hill gallery update - Brieffest gallery update - Liquid Aussie gallery update - Purple Leotard gallery - Red Flap gallery update - Camo navy gallery update - Garneau Bike update - Redbok gallery update - Ruds gallery update

08.08 2018
The heat continued in June, so I was wearing lycra shorts much earlier than usual, though this gave me some challenges with bruises on my inside thighs. In this month I had several new items which I wore for the first time, among these my Pink Split shorts, a pair of Body Co capri tights, a size Medium white Under Armour shirt and a unique Spiderman zentai suit with attached shoes.
Pink Split gallery - Navy Adisuit gallery update - Guest: Uniforms04 gallery - Spiderman gallery - Body Co capri gallery - Oscillation gallery update - White Med FullT gallery - Playmate 1 gallery update - Coated gallery update - Steeltown Gold L gallery update - Ash gallery update - Navy Hind gallery update - Grifone gallery update - Garneau Bike gallery update

22.06 2018
May this year became the warmest May in the history of our Meteorological Office, so only a short time after the latest snowfall I now were mused to bring out my capri tights, which I otherwise don't use so much. Also I wasn't running so much this month, so there are this time more pictures of my lycra wear being used as daywear.
Midnight River gallery update - Troll gallery update - Navy Gold UA Moc gallery update - Pink Metal gallery update - Captain America gallery update - Brown UA Full T gallery update - Spettro gallery update - L.A. Workout gallery update - Garneau Bike gallery update - Yellow Capri gallery update