L y c r a m a n    recent updates

25.10 2020
Time has come for the update with my August pictures, and even though August usually has a good batch of warm-weather days I did not use so many different shorts which I otherwise usually do. The reason for this being that I had made an agreement with Martin, another lycra mate, that I should wear my lycra shorts for seven days in a row. So this was what I did with most of them - and no new galleries, just updates of existing ones.
B47 Brawn black gallery update - B178 Gold Blue Metal gallery update - B13 Major Motion gallery update - B19 Hind gallery update - A182 Orange Football pants gallery update - B109 Ruds gallery update

19.09 2020
It took some time to prepare my July pictures for upload because luckily I was able to do quite a lot of shorts pictures, mainly due to my friend Martin in North England, who challenged me to wear several pairs of shorts for each a week. But there were also a few new items, those being one pair of long tights and one leotard.
Camo brown gallery update - Moretz gallery update - Colors leotard gallery - Navy Adisuit gallery update - Yellow Adisuit gallery update - Ridco gallery - Diagonal gallery update - Recharge pants gallery update - White shorts gallery update - Hot Spettro gallery update - Rainbow M.E. gallery update

04.08 2020
This update contains the recent pictures I have made in mostly the month of June, and as it still is very limited what running I can do, this update is only with pictures I have made during my walks. Thus I am wearing shorts for most of these pictures and there is only one new gallery this time, which is my Jetstream Football pants in the Longs section.
Brawn blue gallery update - Camo brown gallery update - Jetstream gallery - Wildcat gallery update - Yellow tights gallery update - Pink shorts gallery update

24.06 2020
Summer has come here, but as usual these updates is lacking about a month behind, as I now have come to updates with the pictures I have made during the month of May. Still there are no wrestling pictures and also I am not able to do any outdoor running, but at least there are some updates from the walks I have done during the month of May.
Greenix gallery update - Exotic capri gallery update - Spalding gallery update - Atlantic shorts gallery update - Brawn blue gallery update

03.06 2020
I am still not able to finish my rehabilitation because of the corona crisis. Which mean that I am not only able to try running again, but also there is no wrestling for me, as the borders remain closed. But at least I am able to do some walking, so there are still new pictures for this update. And only one new gallery, which is my Holographic tights in the Longs section.
Small navy shirt gallery update - Lite Green Insport gallery update - Tricolorside gallery update - Holographics gallery - V4m gallery update

25.04 2020
When updating with my new pictures for March there was a new problem coming up, as I had to stop my rehabilitation when my gym closed because of the corona virus which spread all over the globe this month. So there are only some pics of me walking around my neighbourhood. Plus a new guy in my Guests gallery, a guy who I hope to share some pictures with in the future.
Pink'n'Purple gallery update - Softouch gallery update - Guest: Martin gallery - Graph gallery update - Grey Crivit gallery

31.03 2020
February is always low when it comes to new pictures, but this time also a record precipitation added to the challenge. So therefore there are even fewer new updates than what normally is seen at this time of the year.
Small cerise FullT gallery update - CK red/grey singlet gallery update - Classix teal gallery update

02.03 2020
As usual I made only few new pictures from this January, so if it hadn't been because of my rehabilitation workouts there would have been close to no new pictures for that month. But at least I have a handful of pics from the Shorts and Shirts sections. Plus a few more pics from another guy wearing his Blue Pepsi zentai suit.
Gold Blue Metal gallery update - Steeltown Gold L gallery update - Camo navy gallery update - Mizuno vest gallery update - Other's Blue Pepsi gallery update - Red/silver shorts gallery update - Superman small gallery

15.01 2020
It is the head of the winter and this the time of the year when I usually have a minimum of new pictures to add to my galleries. And since I am unable to run for the time being, the only new pictures are from the changing room at my rehabilitation workouts.
Small RedBlack FullT gallery update - BAC gallery update - Red UA top gallery update

07.12 2019
Heading into winter I normally don't make so many pictures for my galleries - unless I get some wrestling done. And this I was unable to because of the approaching knee surgery. So I don't have many other pictures than what I've made while walking the neighborhood.
Lakeside gallery update - Red Lightning gallery update - Lapis gallery update - Maple Leaf gallery update - White UA top gallery update - Pace gallery update

20.11 2019
In my September update there also were a lot of new pictures to the galleries, and this time mainly from my annual visit to Delta. Also there were three new galleries, and all of them in the Bodysuits section.
USA speedsuit gallery update - Epix Ironman gallery update - UA Recharge gallery update - MAX5Wrestling gallery - Pride gallery update - Superman Justice gallery update - Skinfit gallery - Novara 214 gallery update - Castelli bike gallery