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11.05 2017
Now I have the new pictures from April ready - and this is about as fast as it can go. There have not been so many activities as there used to me, and weather have been unusual cold, so this probably was the reason. So no new galleries this time but only updates of three existing ones.
A236 Sunbuster Stirrup gallery update - B196 Mint shorts gallery update - D31 YXL white gallery update - A217 Dark blue Insport gallery update - D78 Orange EVO Moc gallery update

23.04 2017
For March I don't have so many new pictures, and most of them are from my Bodysuits section with a few from my Longs, Shirts and Accessories sections. But something unusual is one of my leotards which after 11 years in the Upcomings section has moved straight to one of my Archive sections as I have never been able to fit in this singlet. But now I have given it to one of my good Berlin friends.
Gold Wrestling gallery update - Blue Spyder gallery update - Armour Socks gallery update - Fitness bodysuit gallery update - Aquasuit gallery update - Navy Adisuit gallery - Silver Metal gallery update - Orange EVO Moc gallery update

22.03 2017
This February I have 54 new pictures, but only one new gallery, which is in my Shorts section. Also I can inform that the text pages for most of my Longs and Shorts galleries has been deleted by mistake, so for a while there will be limited access to those galleries.
Cutaway Skinz gallery update - Small RedBlack Full T gallery update - Gold Wrestling gallery update - Royal UA Moc gallery update - Purple Insport gallery update - Small Cerise Full T gallery update - Red lycra shorts gallery - Nashbar Rubber gallery update

27.02 2017
Time for the monthly update with last month's new pictures, this time pictures for updates of six existing galleries and two new ones: my Mint shorts and my Red Bike shorts.
Royal blue Hind gallery update - Mint shorts gallery - YelloBlack Rhino singlet gallery update - Red Spyder gallery update - Blue Spyder gallery update - Red Bike shorts gallery - UA Impact shirt gallery update - Red Cobblestones gallery update

25.01 2017
In December last year I have made pictures for updates of six existing galleries plus two new galleries - both in the Briefs section
Black Pleather gallery update - Captain America gallery update - Illuminite gallery update - UA serger shorts gallery - Blue Woxuan bikini gallery - Small Green UA FullT gallery update - Demon gallery update - Active Endeavors gallery update

31.12 2016
Finishing off my 2016 list of new pictures to this gallery with pictures from November 2016 there is only one new gallery, which is the Tropis Blue gallery in the Shorts section, which took nine years to get that far. The remaining seven updates are updates of already existing galleries.
Titan swimshorts gallery update - Armoursuit gallery update - El Santo gallery update - Multiblue zentai gallery update - Tropis Blue gallery - Realtree Pants gallery update - UA Longs white gallery update - Silver Trimmed gallery update

27.11 2016
With October month's harvest are pictures from ten galleries, but only one of them are in a new galleri: my UA leggings in my Longs section.
UA leggings gallery - Hyper Green shirt gallery update - California Muscle gallery update - Black Wet Bodysuit gallery update - Matman XXXS gallery update - Blue Posing shorts gallery update - Pink Thunderbox gallery update - Green N2N Popsicle gallery update - Sunbuster 8 gallery update - Red Cocky gallery update

27.10 2016
Time for update of September month's pictures. This month I was on my usual visit to Delta in Pennsylvania, but this didn't give me many new pictures. Though still the result was four new galleries: Two in my Briefs section, one in my Shorts section and one in my Bodysuits section.
UA Football pants gallery update - Extreme gallery - Yellow singlet gallery - Hind speedo gallery - Black Pleather gallery - Light Blue UA Zip Top gallery update - Baltogs black/orange gallery update - Small RedBlack FullT gallery update - Pink zentai gallery update - Green zentai gallery update

27.09 2016
Now it is time with updates with the new pictures I have taken in August. There was not much traveling that month, which for August is quite unusual, but towards the end I was invited to have some fun time in Scania.
Louis Garneau Bike gallery - Baltogs black/orange gallery - Dark Green Hind gallery - Black UA T-shirt gallery - Small Red/Black FullT gallery update - Baltogs purple/green gallery update - Royal UA FullT gallery update - Navy Hind gallery update - Pink Thunderbox gallery - Green N2N Popsicle gallery

21.08 2016
In July I was lucky to get a lot of wrestling done with ten matches in the first ten days, so my various wrestling suits are obviously the main focus of my updates and new galleries from the month of July.
Red Adisuit gallery update - Titan swimshorts gallery - Maroon Adisuit gallery update - Blue Posing shorts gallery - RedWhite Matman gallery update - Pink leotard gallery update - Yellow Modern Motion gallery - UA Black Zip Top gallery update - UA Royal Metal shirt gallery - Red UA shorts gallery update - UA Blitz White gallery update