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08.06 2024
Time for my new pictures from April, and after a record-breaking rainfall the recent months it feels like Spring finally is on the way, although I can look back on a month with less activity than I could hope for, and this especially in my gym. Therefore I this time have no new pictures from my Shorts section and only one update in both my Shirts and Bodysuits sections. Thus most additions this month take place in my Longs section, where I have updates of four galleries plus three more in the Other's section.
A251 Body Co capri gallery update - D30 Navy Gold UA Blitz Moc gallery update - A247 Large Gold tights gallery update - D28 Green UA shirt gallery update - C47 Yellow leotard gallery update - A252 Under Armour gallery update - A205 Canari gallery update - D05 other's: Black UA sleeveless gallery update - F01 other's: Red Black mask gallery update - D50 other's: Royal UA Full T shirt gallery update

07.05 2024
When saying goodbye to the winter I was looking forward to Spring and my update with the new pictures from March. The winter here has been a cold and wet, wet and wet one; actually we have never had registered this much precipitation for this season in the 140 years of our Met. Office. Because of this it seemed that our Spring was delayed, and similarly I did not show much running activity - not that I should have had much action in my gym instead. Only four pairs of tights have registered some action in the Longs section, and obviously those pics are all outdoor ones - plus three additional items in the Other's section.
A217 Dark blue Insport gallery update - A224 Sunbuster 6M gallery update - A252 Under Armour gallery update - A228 Gold Insport gallery update - D66 other's UA Black Full-T XLG shirt gallery update - A245 other's Green Wang Jiang gallery update - D65 other's: Navy UA top gallery update

10.04 2024
One more month has passed away, so now I am looking on the new updates from February, although they can not be so many. Like the previous months, also February has been very wet with a bit of snow now and then, so I also don't have many new pictures for this month. Obviously most are from my Longs section, and for those I have outdoor updates for four galleries. All the remaining pics (two updates in my Shorts section and one in my Shirts section are taken indoors in the changing room in my gym.
B137 Spettro 4 Jocks gallery update - A198 Baltogs orange/blue gallery update - A173 Ultra Skin Runner gallery update - B171 Yellow Adams gallery update - D86 Black UA Full T gallery update - A203 Purple Medico gallery update - A253 Grey Nike gallery update - C5 other's: Blue Spyder gallery update - C39 other's: Lime singlet gallery update - C58 other's: Red/grey singlet gallery update - C146 other's: Orion singlet gallery update

17.03 2024
As these updates are from the month of January it can be no surprise that there only are very few updates. Not just because I usually don't have much outdoor activities in this middle of the winter, but also because this winter was a wet and snowy one, unlike the recent three winters, giving us the largest precipitation for the last 140 years! Because of the icy trails I had the unfortune that I slipped and fell, which gave me an additional challenge, so therefore I this time only can deliver 19 new pictures, and all of them are from my Longs section.
A233 Purple Avia gallery update - A149 Red Storm gallery update - A119 Gold Wrestling gallery update - D91 other's Superman Full T gallery update

14.02 2024
Time for my regular updates of new pictures from one more month, this time from the month of December, which this way finish off the year of 2023. With updates from the darkest month of the year there is no surprise that the line of pictures can be one with the least number of updates, as I this time only have updates of three of my galleries, and they are all three in my Longs section, as apparently I have not taken any pictures in my gym this month, therefore I have no new pictures from the Shorts section. Instead I have new pictures from three galleries in the Other's section: one update each from the Shorts, Bodysuits and Briefs sections.
A179 IlumiNite gallery update - A218 Active Endeavors gallery update - A209 Divided gallery update - B59 other's Hot Nike gallery update - C54 other's USA speedsuit gallery update - E12 other's Toggle gallery update

08.01 2024
We are now in January and therefore have opened a new year with its possibilities. But for the new updates for this month I have only arrived in November, a month, where I in this year only have updates of seven galleries plus two more galleries, for which I have come across two guys wearing the same shirt that I have. These seven updated galleries are mostly in my Longs section, where I have three updates, and also in my Shirts section, giving me two updates. Furthermore my Shorts and Bodysuits galleries have given me one update each.
A248 Pink'n'Purple gallery update - A46 Sunbuster 2 gallery update - C08 Red Spyder gallery update - A29 Moretz singlet gallery update - D44 Orange UA Full T gallery update - B22 Buddyshorts gallery update - D51 Brown UA Full T gallery update - D50 other's: Royal UA Full T shirt gallery update - D5 other's: Black UA top gallery update

07.12 2023
Now updating the pictures from October. and this is probably the most meagre result for several years, with a total number of 18+2 pics, all of them in the Longs and Shorts sections plus one Brief among the Other's pictures. The few updates this time was caused by the influx of snow and cold weather, which certainly is a part of the season, but as we haven't had any real winter for several years, this has led to unseen inactivity from my side and therefore very few new pictures with only seven from the outdoors.
A180 Terinit gallery update - B189 N2N UniJammer gallery update - A144 Mizuno gallery update - B20 Camo brown gallery update - B129 Hot Spettro gallery update - E33 other's: Prism gallery - B185 other's: Xuba gallery

19.11 2023
The idea I had at the start of this year, that I in January hoped that I would be able to run a total distance of 10 kms, which I had not been able to do since I had my first knee surgery in 2019. And I was so happy when I managed to do this that I therefore decided to extend this goal with one km per month, so that I this September had hoped to run a total distance of 18 kms. But I failed in this, probably because I spent half this month in the Delta camp and later this month also had an extended weekend in Germany. So I was only able to run 5 kms in this period, which also had supplied me with new pictures to my galleries. So there are updates of all my primary sections this time.
B37 Farmer gallery update - C145 Zip Front singlet gallery - A246 Green Bay Packers gallery update - D23 Royal UA metal top gallery update - B206 Pot o'Gold gallery update - B161 Purple shorts gallery update - D97 Medium UA Blitz shirt gallery update - B34 Brieffest gallery update - D06 Crimson UA FullT gallery update - C43 Sunbuster suit gallery update - C53 Tricolor fullsuit gallery update - E14 Male Power gallery update - E29 Pink CR swimsuit gallery update - C146 Orion gallery - C147 USA wrestling gallery - D98 Yellow Exo shirt gallery - B131 Bike Tricolor gallery update - C131 other's Royal Leotard

17.10 2023
The last two weeks I have been working my way through my new August pictures, though by some unknown reason there have not been so many updates of the gear I have not worn for a long time. Given the time of the year there this time have not been any updates of the Longs and Bodysuits sections. Thus most of these new updates are from my Shorts and my Shirts sections, with a total of seven updates. Plus two updates to the Briefs section. The latter just because I wanted to check if I still was able to use them after having had no activity in them for ten years.
B36 Waves gallery update - D44 Orange UA Full T gallery update - E12 Toggle gallery update - E15 White Aussie gallery update - B39 Arconciel Wags gallery update - D50 Royal UA Full T gallery update - B17 Red/silver shorts gallery update - B156 Icon shorts gallery update - B189 Gold Metal shorts gallery update - D42 other's Black UA LS shirt gallery update

06.10 2023
It has taken time to prepare these updates as I've spend a lot of time traveling, first my usual two weeks in New Jersey, from where I also participated in the Delta camp, and then a week in central Germany for wrestling. In this update, however, I have only the new pictures I have added in the month of July, which have resulted in updates for sixteen galleries, although not any of these are all new galleries. These updates are divided in four updates of the Longs section, six updates of the Shorts section, two updates of the Bodysuits section and four updates of the Shirts section. Furthermore there is one single update with a new Other's pic.
B42 Activate gallery update - D50 Royal UA Full T gallery update - B178 Gold Blue Metal gallery update - D56 UA Blitz red gallery update - B202 Pink Split gallery update - A200 Yellow Football gallery update - A278 HDE meggings gallery update - B187 Gold Super Body gallery update - C86 Thorlo gallery update - B182 Galyan gallery update - D51 UA Brown FullT gallery update - B97 Medium Blitz gallery - A171 N2N Galaxy White gallery update - C95 International Male gallery update - B161 Purple shorts gallery update - D06 Crimson UA FullT gallery update - C08 other's Black UA shirt gallery update

09.08 2023
After I successfully had been able to run the same circuit in Dyrehaven, which was the last run I have done for nearly four years after I've had my surgeries, I seem to settle with a slightly longer version to avoid the asphalted roads. And gradually I also was able to practise my other workouts - except for the simple walks in the woods. Because of the hot start of the summer I for this update mainly have updates in the Shorts section (6). There are also five updates in the Bodysuits section plus two more from the Other's section. Also four updates in my Longs section and two updates in my Shirts section.
A181 Sunbuster 7 gallery update - B159 Blue Life gallery update - B120 Rafferty gallery update - C126 Purple Leotard gallery update - C143 Pink Leotard gallery update - C127 Light Blue Speedsuit gallery update - C144 Lite blue Scoopsuit gallery - A104 Colorside gallery update - D61 Navy/gold UA Full T gallery update - C59 Gold singlet gallery update - B36 Waves gallery update - A99 Reebok Capri gallery update - B160 Galactic gallery update - B166 UA Capri gallery update - D44 Orange UA Full T gallery update - B112 Hansley gallery update - A215 Baltogs peach/black gallery update - C91 other's: N2N University singlet gallery update - C140 other's: SuperNature singlet gallery update