L y c r a m a n    today


Practically, I wear some kind of lycra every day, and if not during the day, I always sleep in lycra at night. Below you can see what lycra clothes I am using right now at the gym, for running, as sleepwear or for hiking and as daywear. At the bottom of the page you'll see my most recent lycra pic, which in the future may appear in one of my galleries. This page is updated on Nov-14 2017.
Latest major update of this site on Oct-29 2017.

Weather in Copenhagen today: Rainy, daytime temperatures up to 9C, fresh southwesterly winds. Sea water: 8C.


Today I use my Pearl Izumi tights as daywear (as per Nov 14).


For the time being I am wearing my noname Red shorts in the gym (as per Nov 8.).


Running outdoor
When running outdoor, I for the time being am wearing my Klint tights, (as per Nov 14.).


Running indoor
When running indoor, I normally wear my daywear tights, and for the upper body I last time was wearing my Grey UA shirt, (as per Nov 10.).


In one of the few situations I do some wrestling, I last time was wearing my Orange Adisuit for the match (as per Nov 2.).


This Friday I did my usual tour downtown and around Copenhagen showing my visitor fra Croatia my city, and for this walk I was wearing my Fuchsia tights (as per Nov 3.).


For the time being I am using my Small Royal Under Armour Full T as sleepwear (as per Nov 14.).


Most recent lycra pic
This first weekend in November I had another Recon friend visiting me
from Croatia, and one of the first days I used to show him around
my city. For this tour I was wearing my Fuchsia Tights, and one
of the places he necessary had to see was The Little Mermaid.