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Lycraman Gallery

I have always been fascinated by lycra tights, and right from the beginning, when I bought my first pair, it became a passion for me. Up to year 2000 I had bought two or three pairs of lycra tights a year, and since 2001 I have bought tons of lycra gear on eBay. By now I probably have one of the largest selections of lycra tights in Denmark, but I'm not just a collector. I intend to use my lycra tights in a variety of situations, although a few times it has given me trouble at my job! Mostly I had used my gear on my different mountain or hiking trips, but nowdays I use it for running or as daywear, though I only rarely have pictures from the latter. In these galleries I let each piece of my lycra wear tell its own story.

For more than thirty-five years I have been using long-legged lycra tights, and they still are the core of my lycra wear. This gallery shows my collection of long and capri length tights:
Longs Gallery

I have had lycra shorts for just as long as I have had lycra tights, but only in the 21st century I have used lycra shorts more often, and this gallery shows my collection of lycra shorts:
Shorts Gallery

Experiencing the arousing body-hugging feeling of wearing lycra tights, I ventured further into lycra coverage, and this gallery shows my collection of singlets, unitards and bodysuits:
Bodysuits Gallery

The ultimate in lycra enclosure must be a zentai suit, in which the whole body is covered in one single layer of lycra, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes:
Zentai Gallery

By the mid-2000's I started to wear lycra tops and shirts, and especially after being introduced to the sublime Under Armour gear, I get an increasingly amount of pictures:
Shirts Gallery

It is rare that I wear speedos on their own, as weather in Denmark mostly isn't good enough for this, but the few speedos I have are shown in this gallery, together with a few lycra briefs:
Briefs Gallery

This gallery of lycra accessories is the most recently added, opened in 2007, and although there are only eight galleries to be found here, this number is slowly growing:
Accessories Gallery

In 2001 I started buying lycra clothing on eBay auctions, and this gallery shows my collection of items I've won, items which later may appear in the galleries above:
Upcomings Gallery

Luckily I am not the only one to wear lycra tights, and when from time to time I come across friends or other guys wearing lycra gear and have my camera at hand I may steal a picture or two:
Friends Gallery

Surfing the net it is possible to find other galleries of the like, and this section reviews some of my favorite galleries as well as selected commercial suppliers:
Links Gallery

Finally this gallery are reserved for your own pics. If you like the thought of having your nice lycra pics exposed in this gallery, please send them to: lycraman(at)viaalpina(dot)dk.
Guests Gallery