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Mens Thong: DOC. Note color: Newest Neon Coral. This exciting fabric is sure to capture the focus of attention! (Not to mention the little secret that is at the heart of the style!) Many of you have asked me the purpose of the Doc feature. Here goes my attempt at explaining: The man I designed this for wanted to appear erect or at least semi erect at all times. As you know by now, my mind travels at light speed as my eyes try to capture all of everything at once. Then one day, I saw exactly what he was talking about. I noticed a guy as he strode from a building....The pressing against the jeans was quite obvious. Ah ha I thought! The Doc Effect! A thong that allows you to slide into an inner thong automatically in through the inner ring which then acts as a directing enchancer. It directs the penis to press forward in even its unroused state. Oh I can't explain, you just have to see it, or better yet.... Try it! ebabee6464.

Mens Thong Doc Lift Ring Enhancer Neon Coral L Custom
won on eBay auction 12.04.05 at $ 17.50