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UA Recharge shirt

This Under Armour Recharge shirt I won at an eBay auction in 2014. Seller was penaltybox16, and it was given this long description at the auction: Imagine experiencing 50% less soreness, 50% less fatigue, and 30% more power after a workout or game. That’s exactly what Recharge® was built to give you. When you train or compete, your muscle fibers get damaged and take on water—making you sore. The UA Recharge® Energy Shirt with its super-tight compression fit pushes that water out so your muscles recover faster. From world-class triathletes to MMA champions to pro football and soccer players, all kinds of athletes are recovering better and faster with Recharge®.
•Strategic compression promotes muscle tissue repair, leading to shorter recovery times and reduced soreness
•Lightweight, 4-way stretch fabrication keeps you mobile while returning power to your muscles more quickly
•Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes, keeping your gear fresher, longer
•Signature Moisture Transport System wicks away sweat to keep you cool and dry through your recovery
•Fold-over fused, sew-free seams
•6.5 oz. Nylon/Elastane
•Style# 1231252
•MSRP $89.99.

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