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Black Mummy

This Black Mummy lycra fullsuit I won at an eBay auction in 2012. Seller was juyuxuan2008, and it was given this description at the auction: Unisex for male and female, Very sexy. Multi thread seam makes suit more durable and beautiful. After you win the item,when you send the payment,please write your size (S.M.L.XL.XXL) and other requests in Paypal note. Notice:(All below request is free) (Must write your request in Paypal note) (1) open mouth and eyes (2) open mouth and eyes and nose (3) disjoin toes (4) bare face (5) change color (6) add tail and ear (it's need add the additional cost) (7) add male or female crotch zipper (Has division of the male and female crotch zipper, female for past to latter 40 centimeters about, male opens about 15 centimeters for front). juyuxuan2008.

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