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Neon Lime shorts

These neon lime shorts I won at an eBay auction in 2003 Seller was tightleatherjeans, and it was given this long description to this picture at the auction: Attention: Nice round bubble butt people: Here is a delicious pair of Skintight Hot Bright Neon Lime Green Spandex Shorts. They are simply Skintight and FUN, FUN FUN... Approx Size: Large. Color: See picture(s). Maker: Unknown. Fabric: Nylon/Lycra/Spandex blend Fuc$ing Hot. Condition: Excellent. You Phat Big Bubble Butts Dudes, are you teasing or What!!! Get you AS$ in the House, before I stuff you.... These shorts have been in a lot of battle and wrestling sessions at the gym. I have enjoyed every minute of them... Now it's your turn to just get excited in another dudes trapped bulging shorts.... HOT BuD's ONLY.... These were shared..... I will be putting up a lot of SHARED GEAR for ONLY Intense Spandex Collectors who like Swapping by buying for the next bud. It is great to hear your interests and those who really like to know what it means to Exchange with changing a thing.... COOL. I have seen a number of you embracing the idea of SQUEEZING into your own personal pairs abusing them to let me become others, if they come back, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. If you have an Intensive passion for Spandex as you will see on my auctions, for serious Hardcore BUD's Only, let talk... If you have a picture of you in your Serious Gear we must do business...

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