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Blue Dolfin

These Dolfin shorts I won at an eBay auction in 2004. Seller was 43commuter, and it was given this description at the auction: These Abused muscle shorts will help you look like the hulk you are. The shorts have been slit on the front of each leg to allow for big muscles to poke through. The shorts are also worn and torn slightly at the side leg seams near the crotch. The holes are not big enough for anything to fall out. These shorts are made by Dolphin International of 80% nylon 20% lycra/spandex. The tag says they are cotton and spandex but there is no way. These are too shiny and silky to be cotton. I am confident that the tag is wrong. The model is 5' 8" with a 36 inch waist to give you an idea of the fit.


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