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Martin Gallery
I have run my Lycraman site since 2001, and since then I have offered the chance for other lycra aficionados to have their own lycra pictures here in my Guest section of my Lycraman site, which for the time being 15 other guys have made use of. Such lycra pictures always inspires me to get to know more of the person behind the pictures. I have never requested such information, and in the few situations that I have received such information it has always been by coincidence, so it was not intended for public use. Unlike Martin here, for true to the style of my own many Lycraman galleries he has taken the effort to write a comment to each of his pictures and allowed me to make his comments public. As I know that he has a quite good selection of lycra clothes I know that there will be more pictures to come to his gallery - and maybe the future will see a merge of pictures of him in his gear with my own. Which is likely to happen when we meet in person one day.

Blue Morphsuit

Navy Nike