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Armour Socks

These Armour socks I won at an eBay auction in 2010. Seller was mrbuffboy, and it was given the picture above to this description at the auction: I'm Test Marketing new lycra socks made by the new ARMOUR WEAR company. This is a prototype pair to test color scheme and graphics. These socks are extremely comfortable ;) made from a medium lightweight lycra that is very soft and strrrrrrrretchy! Makes sliding in and out of sneakers easier than ever! Great for wicking away moisture to keep feet dry and cool! These are White socks with Black graphics design. Design graphics are artist applied by silk screen/airbrush for a totally unique cutting edge look! These singlets are NOT on the market yet! The ONLY place you can get one is here-very limited supply! I'm selling the prototype suits and socks, used to test logo placement, graphics design and color schemes. I am modeling a size medium sock in the auction pic (my feet appox. size 9.5) - med. fits approx. 8-10 shoe size. Great For All Workouts - I Wear Them Myself For Running, Biking, Weight Lifting, etc. Great For Workouts of Every Kind.


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