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Tropis Yellow

This is one of the hottest swimsuits that guys can wear. It is made by TROPIS and with the old cliche: for those who know, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't no explanation is possible but i will do my best! Size is definitely a Medium (32-35). No labels but it is definitely a nylon/spandex/lycra blend. Waistband stretches from 13-21". The swimsuit is yellow in colour, no lining and no drawstring. Who needs all that when there is a nice deep pouch at the front to show off what you got at the swimming pools of the Holiday Inn or Motel 6 (well maybe not the best places to wear this suit) but straight or gay this is a great swimsuit for any guy who is daring enough to wear it. It is in excellent, Like new condition with no defects. I can provide a photo of the front to anyone who bids. cepr24.

Tropis Nylon Lycra Spandex Deep Pouch Swimsuit Trunks M
won on eBay auction 12.12.08 at $ 17.50