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Royal Blue Catsuit

New without tag and very hot metallic zentai catsuit. Colour is metallic royal blue and definitely a man's outfit. The big advantage of this suit is that the zipper is at the front so no help is required putting it on. I bought it from an Asian seller so the given size does not matter. But my height is 5'10" and I could wear it with the zipper closed all the way to the neck but it was tight. So it would be better for any guy who is 5'5" - 5'9" tall. The zipper opens to the navel and the suit is practically new and only worn for the photos. 1" = 2.54cm. Please contact me if you have any questions. Bidders With 0 (Zero) Feedback Must Contact Me Before Bidding. cepr24.

Shiny Metallic Spandex Metallic Lycra Unitard Zentai Catsuit. 5'9" Max.
won on eBay auction 22.04.15 at $ 20.50