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Orange fullsuit

This fullbodysuit I won at an eBay auction in 2008. Seller was hotswimgym, and it was given this long description to the picture above at the auction: Up for bid is a custom made full body catsuit skinsuit. Extremely hard to find solid orange spandex skinsuit. It is a size medium, unisex, front zipper, long sleeves and long legs with stirrups and a single unlined layer of nylon spandex. Use for hiking, running, swimming, yoga, aerobics, clubs, private parties or just looking good! This is custom made at a cost over $100.00 ( not China ) with a medium size torso that is 2 inches longer, the arms are 5 inches longer and the legs are 6 inches longer. Custom made for taller and trimmer athletes. Approximate unstretched measurements are base of neck to center of crotch ( 23 inches ) - center of crotch to ankle ( 29 inches ) - armpit to cuff ( 18 inches ) - armpit to armpit ( 14 inches ). Stirrup legs to keep from riding up or undo them for the wedgie look and feel. Also this a single layer spandex that feels great and reveals your hot bod for a fit and sexy look. - Translucent when dry and transparent when wet. Wear a great thong or g string underneath as it will be seen! Wear nothing underneath and you will be seen! Wear as a heat suit or compression suit for increased performance and endurance. These are preowned and you may or may not notice any wear.

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