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Lime singlet

This lime singlet I won at an eBay auction in 2005. Seller was qm333, and it was given this description to the picture above at the auction: You are bidding on one men's NEW Lime wrestling singlet. This generic labled singlet is made of a lightweight nylon/lycra spandex blend and has a smooth, shiny finish. The interior content tag mistakenly states they are made of cotton/poly blend, but they are most definitely a nylon/lycra/poly blend! The singlet measures 31 inches (unstretched) from top to bottom. It's a ONE SIZE FITS MOST item...I'd recommend this for waist 29-37 and weight of 100-180 lbs. Wear this singlet for wrestling, weightlifting, aerobics, gym, exercise or as sexy everyday underwear!

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