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Fire singlet

Talking about bondage scenes, this is a quite special picture. In 1985 I had bought a pair of Edelrid Fire tights, in a quite special pattern looking like flames running up the legs. However, I did not only buy those as tights, but bought a singlet as well. And this singlet was the one I was wearing on this special summer trip to a Swedish forest close to Skäret in Scania. For a long time I have had a bondage fantasy, and this night, after having drunk quite a lot at the fire, me and my comrade went out among the trees to try it out. Half an hour later I was hanging between two trees, suspended by my climbing rope and tied up spredeagled to the two trees. Well, it was quite new to both of us, and once I was hanging there my friend did not know what to do. But it was quite an experience to me, hanging with a raging hard-on without the slightest chance to do anything about it. Eventually I was lowered down to relief, but ever since I have wanted to do it again with the right guy.
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