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Stars and Stripes

These Stars and Stripes themed tights I won at an eBay auction in 2011. Seller was bodyspandex, and it was given this description at the auction: Quality tights, handmade in Oregon. Spandex Body tights are designed and sized to give you more fit options. Athletic cut styled to provide more room for great fit and muscle definition. Light Weight Stretch Spandex. Fabric and Color are Nicer Than Captured. Printed Lycra Spandex Comes in a Wide Variety of Weights. To Offer The Best Selection of Prints I Buy Various Weights of Ground Cloth. Light Weight Lycra Spandex is under 6oz, Medium Weight is 6oz plus, Heavy Weight is 8oz plus. Heavy weight spandex is usually not available printed. Made from the highest quality materials. Fabric is a 4 way stretch Lycra spandex. Contents are 85% Nylon - 15% Lycra spandex.

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