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UA Recharge pants

These Under Armour Recharge pants I won at an eBay auction in 2014. Seller was bob.burnl, and it was given this picture and the following to this description at the auction:
The UA Recharge® Energy Pant Leggings will speed you back into your training regimen faster. With 36% less muscle soreness, 58% less fatigue, 14% faster muscle repair, and less swelling. Worn for 24 hours after a hard-core workout, these leggings target, compress and stabilize your lower-body muscles, helping them repair and heal faster. The sew-free hems and rolled-over seams won't chafe. What you get is a shorter recovery time so you can get back out there sooner—and play longer. Recover smart with UA Recharge® Energy Pant Leggings. ...

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