L y c r a m a n

Chapter #7: Running Upriver

I guess we will have an appointment, then, I confirmed and hung up. It was Friday afternoon in early September, and although it still was early in the season, the previous days' cold had made the air more fresh and brilliant and added color to the trees' leaves. However, the nice warm summer weather had returned during the day and surely this was not a weather for staying inside. So just coming back from work I had called my good friend to go for a long run.

As always he was ready to go. Somehow it seemed that every time I called he was ready to cancel all other appointments, just to go for a run with me. True, our runs always turned out, well, some would say adventurous. We always ended up somewhere we hadn't been before, and the distances we ran were always longer than planned. Probably it was his way of seeing something else than his usual fivemiler round the sport complex. But when I had planned for a longer run today, where would we end?

We met half an hour later outside the coffee shop down Ruxton Ave, the usual place. With a smile I noticed that besides his old football jersey he was wearing the white lycra shorts he had been gived by me earlier the summer. In some way it seemed to me that he didn't like to give them back to me, as apparantly he used every opportunity to take them for a run. But I didn't mind. I had plenty of lycra shorts myself, and I knew that some day I would take them back at a moment he least expected it.

We hugged as hadn't we been seeing each other for years, and after filling our water bottles at the coffee shop we started running down the road towards the river. Soon we turned off from the road and were now running through the meadows along the river. This was one of my favorite spots for running, as the ground was soft and the footing still stable. There were a lot of tracks to choose from, some of them made by hikers or runners like me, but most of them were just simple animal tracks. Ruxton Ave continued up the hills after having crossed the river, so we were totally undisturbed here.

Usually I ran half the distance I wanted to, then turned back the same way I had come, but sometimes I turned right, crossing through the woods to a dirt road leading back to the city. But I hadn't decided yet how long we were to run today, and so we just kept on running slowly upriver, talking about what had happened during the recent two weeks. My friend's football team had moved up, and last weekend he had been away for a match in the neighboring state, and according to rumours this had been very successful because af a terrific touchdown from my good friend, though he was too withholding to point that out himself. While I had been away on a more sedate business trip. We were though in pretty good shape, both of us, and none of us had problems being out running for an hour or more.

The conditions were just perfect for running. Although the sun was low the air was still warm, and for long I had felt the sweat slowly trickle down the center of my back and into my own lycra shorts, but the dry air prevented them from being totally soaked. My friend's white lycra shorts were a little more translucent though, and when running behind him I could se his glutes moving rhythmically up and down.

I have always liked the sight of some good strong legs, and my friend surely had some good legs. I found out the first time he straddled me, pressing my arms down the side of my body with his legs while sitting on me, immobilizing my upper body while he was playing with my nipples. Well, it ended in some kind of improper wrestling style, and since then I had had plenty of chances to take revenge.

Slowly it dawned on me where we were to run. One of my climbing mates had a small cabin further up the river, about twelve miles away, and if we could keep running for long enough we would arrive straight at the cabin. I looked down at my friend's wrist - no, he was not wearing a watch, so with a little luck I could divert his attention long enough. Probably we would have to be running for more than twelve miles as we were following the river bends.

We had been running for over an hour before my friend asked about when we would be reaching the turning point, but I just said that we were not turning back. The river was making a wide arc, and some place ahead we would run across and back to the city. Apparantly he accepted my lie, for he could very well see that the sun was at the same angle as it had been since we left Ruxton Ave, now just a little lower. When it came to running he had always implied that he could run just as far as I could, and so he wasn't the guy to talk about turning back. If I could do it, so could he. Still the sun was sinking faster that I liked.

The sun had long set behind the hills as we came to a small river flowing into the big one, and immediately I knew where we were. Once I had been running downriver from my friend's cabin but had to stop after a short while as I came to an apparantly impassable river. This river. I had then tried to cross it, but hadn't succeeded to. The current was not particular strong, but the river was quite deep, and at that time I had turned back. But this time was quite another time, and knowing that the cabin was only ten minutes away on the other side of the river, I didn't even stop at the bank, but plunged straight into the river.

"What are you doing?" my friend cried from the river bank where he had stopped. "Running cross-country!", I replied. "You always said that you'd like to try some cross-country running, and this is the perfect chance to try!". "This is neither the right time nor place for that, you must be mad!" he said. "Maybe I am!" I said. "But then you are a coward!" - "Don't ever call me a coward!" he said in a fury and lunged for me. But I was already too far out in the river, and with a big splash he fell headlong into the river. I turned and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Don't panic!" I said - "I've got everything under control and we'll be home in just ten minutes!" - "I'd like to see that!" he mumbled but followed me deeper into the river.

The river was deeper than I had expected, almost waist deep at the deepest, so with caution we crossed slowly to the other bank. Wading onto the shore we were now fully soaked, and knowing that soon it would be cold, I immediately started running again. "Come on - ten more minutes and we'll be there", I cried and ran into the darkening woods. I was right, and ten minutes later we arrived at the old wooden cabin. As I had expected my climbing mate wasn't there, but I knew where he kept the key, and knowing that he had said that I always could use his cabin if I came by, I unlocked the door.

Once inside, it was like coming home. The cabin was simple, but I knew where we could find what we needed. I hugged my friend and told him that I hoped he didn't have any appointments tonight, for otherwise it was too late to cancel. No, he didn't have any appointments tonight, but he was supposed to show up at football training the next day. "Well, let's see about that!" I said. "It seems we have to stay the night here - I hope you don't mind me abducting you, but I have really been missing you the last week!" - "No, I don't mind at all!" he replied and kissed me - a good long one. Maybe his body was cold, still soaked from the river, but his mouth and tongue was hot as always. "Let's get down to work!" he then said, grabbing my balls with a twisted smile as he withdrew. As he turned I looked down and smiled. Apparantly not all of his body was cold, as I clearly could see the contour of his dick, delicately revealing itself inside my wet white lycra shorts.

I went to the fireplace, chopped some kindling and soon I had a fire coming. My friend had never been in this place before, but soon he had fetched a bucket of water from the pump outside, and a little later had the big kettle boiling on the stove. I had found a big blanket, big enough for the both of us, and wrapping it around us we sat down next to the fireplace.

Sitting there, next to the fire, I felt peace fall on me. It had been a hard week at work, and the previous weekend had not left me much time to myself as well. Sitting close to my friend, leaning on his back with the blanket over my shoulders I really felt comfortable. I felt the faint smell of sweat and fresh air rising from his now warm body, and resting my head on his left shoulder I was drawing small circles in his chest hairs with my finger. We didn't talk, we only listened to the crackling of the fire. Yes, this was how things were to be, just the two of us and nothing else.

I started circling around his nipples, drawing the circles tighter and tighter until finally I pinched his nipples with my fingers. He moaned with pleasure and let his head fall back on my shoulder, rubbing his cheek against mine. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and moved it down to his dick. He was still wearing my white lycra shorts, but clearly I could feel that there was something inside those shorts that longed for being set free. I decided to let his dick stay there for a while, grabbed his tool through the lycra and started to work it with my fingers. His shorts were still moist from the river water, but some of the moisture was certainly not river water, it was something much better.

I felt him getting uneasy under the blanket, and now and then I let my hand return to his nipples, just to extend the pleasure. Timeless, it felt like had we all the time to ourselves. And in some way we had. I moved around him, ducked under the blanket, and like a missile heading for the hot spot, so did I, and engulfed his dick with my mouth. This was nice. I liked the taste of my friend's dick, but licking it through the lycra so much more was coming on. Surely this was not his first run in these shorts, as even his dip in the river had not been able to wash out the smell of his manly sweat...

This really made me horny. Buried under the blanket with my head at his crotch, eagerly enjoying the smell of this hot body, what could be better? My own dick had for long been trying its own escape plans from my purple lycra shorts, but it was left alone, there was something much better right in front of me, a dick getting more and more agile as I was sucking it. I felt the taste of his precum oozing through his lycra, feeling my friend getting more and more uneasy on the floor, feeling his grip around me tightening, and suddenly he thrusted forward, jacking his dick down my throat. There was no way of escaping it, his muscular arms grabbing me so tight that he strained my neck. I felt him come in big drops, filtered through the lycra, and I eagerly tried to lick up every drop passing through.

Finally, with a relaxing sigh, he released his grip on me and started to work my dick. He squeezed his hand down my purple shorts and started kneading my balls, pulling them down and dragging down my foreskin. It easily slid down, already greased with precum. I felt his thumb moving around my dickhead, spreading my precum nicely all over. I knew what was to come. He dragged down my shorts and rolled me onto my back, my freed dick rising like a flagpole in the air. Then he sat down on my thighs, taking in the view of his running mate lying nude in front of him.

I couldn't take my eyes away from his dick. His nice white lycra shorts now had a big dark spot in front, and although I felt that he had shot quite a load, it looked like his dick wasn't finished yet. You like what you see? he asked. Certainly, I replied, nodding my head in approval. Then I'd better let you see some more, he said, rose and let his lycra shorts glide down his massive legs, turning them inside out. His revealed dick sprang to life again, slowly rising out and up in front of him. He sat down on my thighs again, carefully packing his shorts in, and then stuffed them down my mouth...

I had never been gagged by him before, but this was the most wonderful gag I could dream about, all of my mouth getting in contact with the juice of his body. I couldn't think of anything else and my eyes were moving from his dick, up his hairy chest to his friendly dark eyes and back to his dick again. He started jacking my dick, slowly at first, then faster, and I started writhing under him. But he was sitting firmly on me and I couldn't really move that much. Then he moved forward, leaned down on me to assure the gag still was in the perfect position, and before moving back he gave me a light kiss on each eyelid.

He didn't move all the way back, but stopped half way, hovering over my dick, and then slowly he lowered himself down on me, my dick disappearing into him. Now I really was pinned to the ground, locked in position, but a position in the most attractive tight and hot vault. He started jacking his dick, and every time he moved his movements were transferred to my dick. He then started compressing my dick with his sphincter muscles, and being subjected to this, gagged with his cum-soaked lycra shorts, was more than I could bear. I tried to stretch the time as long as possible, but something else had taken over. Straining my glutes I shot my load deep inside him. Again and again I fired my load, and then my friend cummed again, shooting his second load all over my chest and face.

For a while we remained silent, totally exhausted by the efforts, but then slowly we came back to life. I realized that the fire had almost died down and the room was almost dark. My friend rose, and then said to me: "You were right there back at the river, we were only ten minutes away from home!" He dragged me up, gave me a warm bearhug and I kissed him as reply. "Yes, there is no place like home!", I said - "You better put some more wood in the fire, then I go see what we have in the kitchen!"

It became a long and cosy evening. I cooked up a simple meal from my climbing mate's supplies, and after that we sat talking over a big pot of tea until the wee hours. Finally it was time to go to bed, but although there were several extra beds for guests in the cabin we shared a bed for the night - there was no need of making too much mess of it...

I slept very well during the night. Not so much because I was tired from the long run, but more because of lying so close to my friend. Lying on my side, with my friend just behind me, slowly breathing close to my ear, and with his hand resting on my hairy chest, it gave me that special feeling of safety that only my friend could give me. The night just slipped away, but early in the morning I slowly came back to life by feeling something poking at my asshole. Seemed my friend's hand had found its way down into my shorts, and carefully he was probing my hole with a finger. It felt so nice, so I did my best to pretend that I was still asleep. Although I knew that if my friend moved his hand up front he immediately would find out that some part of my anatomy certainly wasn't asleep.

He kept on for several minutes, and then he dragged down my lycra shorts to get a better access. Doing so, the waistband got stuck above my erect dick - I was unveiled. Not particular unhappy about this, he pulled the blanket aside and rolled me onto my stomach. He placed his hands heavily onto my back, and I knew what was to come. Although he by now had been working over my hole for a while, it was still tight. He pressed his dickhead against my hole again and again, but it seemed he never would succeed in entering. I tried the best I could to relax, and apparantly it worked, for finally he succeeded in pressing his way past my tight gate.

Happy about it, I relaxed even more, and then I could feel his big shaft sliding into me, penetrating deeper and deeper and finding its way into my inner vault. He finally reached the bottom, and I could feel his heavy balls resting on my butt. But not for long. He withdraw a little, and then he began pushing on and on, again and again. He had flinged his legs around mine, and with his body weight resting on my back there was no way that I could escape being fucked by him, not that I was even thinking of escaping. I could hear his breathing getting heavier, as he was slamming my hole again and again, and then suddenly he froze, his dick half way out of my hole. For a few seconds you could have heard a pin drop, then all sounds were drowned from his shout as he thrusted himself forward, making the springs of the bed squeak in protest under us. Again and again he rammed my hole, sowing the seeds of his love deep in my body, until finally he fell down on my back, totally exhausted.

We kept lying there for a long while, him still buried deep inside me, then slowly I could feel his dick subtract, the work now being done. I turned him over, groped for his mouth and gave him a long kiss. Good morning, I said. This was the first word being uttered that day.

Soon after we got up, and while I was tending the stove, my friend did his best to bring order in the messy bed. It seemed we had to change the bedsheet, as I had been leaking a little during the morning exercises. I made a pot of coffee, fried some bacon and eggs and then we sat down for a quick breakfast. Weather was still fine and the temperature already on the rise. Good so, as we had all the way back to the city to run. Luckily there was a shorter way than the one we had been running.

The clock had just passed eight o'clock as I locked the door to the cabin and placed the key in the secret hiding place. We were still wearing the same running clothes we had been wearing since last afternoon, although it now showed particular signs of having been used. Especially my friend's nice lycra shorts were not so bright white anymore, as they now had a large greyish stain right at the front. I still had some wet spots on my own shorts, but when they dried out I didn't think they could be seen on my purple lycra. We left the glade at the river and started running into the woods at a slow trot.

One good thing about the cabin was that there were no neighbors, but the disadvantage was that there was a long way to go without a car. And we had our cars parked down at Ruxton Ave twelve miles away. But weather was fine, we were in good shape, and although we had been running more than fifteen miles the day before we didn't have sore legs. After the first mile we reached the dirt road that led back to the city, so from now on it was just head on for home.

It was a brilliant morning. The sun was rising on a clear blue sky, and the air was filled with the smell of autumn. Just one more day for being outside. But we didn't really had the time. Having been busy at work the last weeks I had some work to do at home, and my friend was to go to football training - or at least so he had said the day before. "What do you do about your football training today?" I asked. "Well, I am supposed to be there at ten, but probably I will cancel it today!" he replied. I looked down at my watch - well, we should be back home just in time.

After having run for an hour and a half we reached the outskirts of the city and I led the way towards the football field. Just in time, right, and a quarter to ten we stopped at the gate. "I guess you are warmed-up now for today's training!" I said with a smile. My friend scowled at me. Maybe he had hoped for an excuse to cancel training today, but this I didn't want to give him. "I hope that there are some other guy in the team that can lend you a towel!" We hugged shortly and then we parted. Jogging the last bit down to the coffee shop at Ruxton Ave, I wondered if some of the other guys at the football team would find out the story behind that greyish stain on the front of my friend's nice white lycra shorts.