L y c r a m a n

Chapter #6: The Climb

It's a nice and warm sunny summer day. Hand in hand we are walking down the track going up the valley. For a long time I have been looking forward to be here with you, introducing you to your first mountain climb. Leaving the track, we are heading up the hillside. There is no more path to follow, but I've been here a few times before, so I know exactly which way to go. Jumping a stream and following it up the hillside, leaving the last trees behind.

Two hours after leaving the track, we reach a small lake high in the mountains. It's getting close to noon, and although we are dressed just in shorts, our bodies are gleaming with sweat. We throw down our packs, and I give you a good hug and a long kiss. The sun has bathed the mountain lake for days and invites for a swim. Leaving our shorts behind, we jump in the lake. Feeling like kids again, we splash over each other with the cool water, and I pursue you, swimming all the way across the lake, until finally I grab you at the other bank. Coming from behind, I lock my arms across you and ride your back the last bit ashore. But then you step up, and we tumble backwards into the water, now you sitting on top of me.

Casually you move a little backwards, making my stiff cock caressing your lower back. The water can't hide that you're in high spirits yourself, and as I look down the barrel of the gun of yours, I grab you by your sides, shifting you just that little bit further back, making my prick pinpointing between your asscheeks. Halfway weightless in the water, you're moving slowly down towards my crotch, my dick penetrating deeper and deeper into you. You moan a little, but from the look in your eyes, I can see you have not the slightest against it. I let my finger circle around your balls, making them subtract and getting harder. Partially submerged, only my chest and head out of the water, with you sitting on my lower parts, there is nowhere I can move.

But moving now is the last thing I would do, as I can't imagine anything better than lying here, looking straight into your warm brown eyes. I start to move my hips gentle up and down, and I see your eyes are getting a little out of focus, your tongue moistening your lips. With my one hand, I lock my fingers around your cock, releasing you from your own jacking off, and giving you hands free to caress my nipples and my hairy chest. Your moaning is getting louder and I hear your breath is losing its rhythm. I move my hips faster, jacking my dick into your inner vaults, and your ass is squeezing exactly the right places. And all the way our eyes are interlocked, two brains locked together to endeavour the intertwining of two human bodies of flesh and blood.

Letting my finger circling your dickhead, I feel you are getting uneasy sitting on me, an uneasiness coming from deep within you, and you squeeze tighter around my dick. Now I'm getting uneasy myself, but there are no way my hips can move but up and down. I feel a sensual tsunami flowing over me, and expelling a cry, I'm shooting my load into you, lifting you clean out of the water at the same time. And simultaneously I feel the thick and warm cream of your manhood raining down on my face. Holding my breath in elan, I stretch the moment of pleasure as long as possible, but finally we fall back into the water, you still on top of me, and chest to chest we only hear the thump of our two hearts beating.

Coming back to life, I gently lift you up, give you a long and hot kiss, and then we set sails, back to the other side of the lake where we came from.

Thus cooled down, we are now ready for our primary goal, the reason we are here: the rocky summit looming over the lake. I've climbed that peak several times before, but to you it's your first climb, and of course you feel a little scared over it. But trusting fully in me, you are ready to follow where I go, so putting back on our clothes, I add a few more items of equipment, and with delight I notice that you had brought the climbing harness which I had given to you that evening in the Mountain club several months ago. A rope for both of us and a few pieces of protection and we are ready to go.

Keeping only a short distance between us, we start climbing up the left hand side of the ridge. Always keeping an eye on you, I give you good advice about where to put your hands and your feet, From time to time I pull in the rope, and doing so, you soon feel more safe as it's dawning on you that you really can't fall. And to me, it's nice to feel the weight on the rope, as I know that at the other end is the most valuable thing in my life. My loverboy.

As you are getting acquaintanced with the eerie feeling of being high on a mountainside, you feel more comfortable about it, and soon we have climbed to just below the top of the ridge. The last few feet up are more difficult, and here I make a stand, from where you can belay me up the last part. Putting my life into your hands, I start to move up this last cliff. But I have full confidence in you, that if I slip, you will be able to stop the rope. And without any incidents I reach the top of the ridge. I put in some pieces of protection and prepare to belay you up this last steep bit. Comforted by the taut rope leading up, you start climbing up the pitch.

But it may be a little too hard for you. You feel your arms getting weak from the unusual work, and just before reaching the top of the ridge, your one foot slip and you hang in the air, unable to see the next footing, and feeling your hands are about to give way. But I still have the rope tight, and quickly I duck down and lock my right hand around your wrist. And by united forces I drag you up to my stance on the ridge. Being a little scared, you close your arms around me and hold me tight as I'm gentle striking your back and kissing your lower neck. And as it dawns on you that you really made it, your good spirits return, and you thump my back.

Having done this pitch, there is nothing that can defeat us now, and quickly we move up the last part of the ridge to the very summit. The summit itself is a narrow rocky spike, with only room for two, so we have to sit close here. And the view is terrific. Almost vertically you look down on the lake, where you just about can make out our backpacks. And behind the lake and to all sides, you see mountains of every type, some snowclad, some not. But all of them are very beautiful, and seeing no trace of human activity, this all belongs to you. To us. Sitting so close up here, with our feet dangling over the abyss and the gentle wind blowing over our sweaty bodies, we have no rush in leaving this place.

Although it's getting late now, we decide to stay up here to see the sun go down. The sky behind us is turning purple, and the clouds shift from gold to orange and back again. It's a small natural wonder taking place every day, but here, in the right scene, it's like a ceremoni. Gently touching a peak on the horizon, the sun is rolling down the ridge and coming to a temporary halt in the adjacent pass. Remaining there a minute or two, and then, all by a sudden, it disappears. And all awhile watching this, we are sitting hand in hand, you with your head on my shoulder.

Being with you is a valuable feeling that I don't want to interrupt, but soon it will be dark, and we have to be down at the lake again by then. Avoiding the difficult pitch on the ascent, we are not going down the same way, as I know a faster and better way. Fixing the middle of the rope just below the summit and throwing down the two ends, I give you a quick instruction in rappelling, and soon I'm jumping off the summit, down into the abyss, leaving you there in the approaching darkness. You feel your old haunts coming back. What if something's happened. What if he leaves me here? You are just about to get anxious as you hear my call from below, it's your turn.

With shivering legs you lower yourself off the cliff, suddenly flying free in the air, several hundred feet above the ground and only supported by the rope. You hold tight on the rope, and then you see me, far down on a big ledge waving to you. You start to relax. You feel you can trust the rope. You know you can trust me, and giving away you are sailing down the rockface, sailing right down into my arms. I welcome you on the ledge with a big, beary hug, and pulling down the rope, we are chatting about our experiences, laughing about our fears, as from here it's only half an hour in easy terrain back to the lake.

While I'm pitching our tent you find some firewood, and as the sky gets dark, we are moving closer to the fire. Cooking a good dinner and sharing a bottle of wine, we celebrate your first mountain climb and talk about how good it is that we've met each other. I can't imagine a future without you, and apparantly you think the same. And late at night, as we are lying together in our double-zipped sleeping bags, our legs tangled in a mess, we finally fall asleep, arms in arms, after a perfect day. We were too tired to make love again tonight, but tomorrow...