L y c r a m a n

Chapter #5: Two More Weeks!

The holiday season was just over, and while I had spent the days keeping the company going in my colleague's absence most of them had spent their days on vacation in foreign cities, on some tropical island or some other tourist trap. Most of my play mates had also been away, so I had had no friends to play with. But this didn't matter much, as the recent three weeks I had been chastised with no chance to get a boner. Almost every night I had woken up with my dick trying in vain to become hard, but it had never been possible as the chastity device, which my friend had locked on me on that Midsummer evening three weeks ago, was even more stubborn and declined to give way to any expanding dick, no matter how much it tried to get hard.

I should imagine that after a while it would give up those futile attempts of becoming hard, but apparently it wasn't so. Maybe it no longer was quite as eager to become hard during the night, but instead I had experienced that when seeing some horny pics I suddenly felt that my dick was trying to become hard and then it got squeezed in the small space of my chastity device, so I had to think of something else so I could avoid getting a hard-on, one way or another.

But this day was going to be the day of my dick's release. Yesterday night my good friend had returned from his meeting with his family, and this morning he had told me on the phone that he would come by my place in the afternoon after work. I was very happy, for not only could I now see an end of my time in chastity, but I was also proud that I had survived those long three weeks with my dick locked in chastity. Naturally I could just have broken the plastic lock and I would be all free. But I was happy that I had endured the time locked down, even if the time chastised had become longer than the one week I had thought of from the start.

He was supposed to get here at 5 p.m., so I had decided not to go on my usual afternoon run, as I wanted to be home and ready for his arrival. As usual I was back home from work at around 4 p.m., so I had plenty of time to get myself ready for his arrival. Actually my friend had never been at my place before, nor had I been at his place, so to make the best out of the situation I cleaned up my apartment. Not that there was so much to clean up, but I did my best to make the apartment show off my various interests.

As the clock struck five the door bell rang and I rushed to open the door. I welcomed my friend in with a good hug and a deep kiss. He was dressed in a pair of blue lycra shorts and a black wife beater, so it looked like he could be going for a run. He hugged me back, and with a grip in my crotch I guessed he checked if the chastity device was still in the same place he had locked it three weeks earlier. It was a warm day so I asked him if he wanted a beer, as I had plenty of those in the fridge, and he said that when it was cool he would be delighted to get one.

My friend did not seem to be in a hurry, as once he got the beer he sat down in the couch, making himself comfortable. For a beginning we did some small talk about how the days had been with his family, and it seemed that I had been right when I had guessed that he had stayed the days with his parents. They had planned to build an annex to their house, he said, so there would be plenty of room when they had visitors staying in their house. And he had supplied the manpower to help building the annex.

I jumped right for it. "So you stayed with your parents, helping them to build the annex? It wasn't so that you had a girlfriend hidden somewhere?" He looked at me with surprise in his eyes. "No, not at all, how do you get on that idea?" he asked. "Well, I just thought that you were too handsome to keep off the streets. Those girls must be queueing in line to put their hands on you!" - "True, there are many girls who would like to see me more often, but so far I have kept the trail clean." This was some very good news to me, and I gave my friend a good bearhug. And just a second later I felt the good muscle of my friend when he hugged me back, pressing the air out of my lungs.

"And what about you? You also don't seem to hang around too much with the girls?" - "No! Not any interest in that! I am only here for the guys, and since I was turned on to bondage several years ago there has been no way back! Especially since I bought my own heavy leather sleepsack made to my measure there is no-one getting away from me once I have locked them down!" - "Interesting!" my friend said. "Can I see it?" - "Sure, but it is made to my measures, so you will probably be a tad too small for it!", I said and pulled out the sleepsack. "At this time I have no intention of getting in your sleepsack. But I might get you in it"!

I had spent a few sessions in my sleepsack, but it had always been too few, as there were more guys who liked to be put in my sleepsack than the other way round, so it had been much too little, the times I had spent in my sleepsack. But indeed I would like to spend some time in it now, especially if it was my good friend who tied my down. I could feel my dick trying to grow, but soon it was stopped by the chastity device. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

My friend must have read my mind. "Once I have tied you down in your sleepsack I am going to free your dick, but not before!" How should I be able to withstand such temptation? I rolled the sleepsack out on the carpet, stripped to the skin and instructed my friend how to tie me down. First the zipper, then the laces and finally the heavy leather belts. But before doing so I pulled out the blindfold, which I always put on the guys who are to experience the sleepsack. Now it was my turn!

My friend helped me putting the blindfold on and then I crept into the sleepsack. Even though I was blindfolded I could easily find my way down and in the right position in the sleepsack, as I had been here several times before. When I was in postion I told my friend that he could close the zipper and start lacing the sleepsack. And as he did so, I noticed that he kept a part of the zipper open so my dick could be free on the outside. Then he continued with the laces. I knew pretty well that my friend had some good muscle, but still I was surprised as to how tight he could tie the sleepsack. I would have no need for the leather belts as when he was finished lacing the sleepsack there would be no way that I could move!

Now it was time for the belts, and here I was a little curious, for would it be possible for him to make any good use of those belts? When I lock another guy in my sleepsack I always give a choice between 'play mode' or 'sleep mode'. In Sleep mode the sack is pretty losely wrapped, so in principle the guy should be able to sleep the night in the sleepsack. While in Play mode I tie the sleepsack much tighter so there is no room to move, and for that reason I never put anyone in Play mode for more than half an hour to avoid potential problems with blood circulation. And what my friend had done when lacing the sleepsack was already way beyond Play mode!

Like when lacing the sleepsack he started at the feet, pulling as hard as possible on the laces and then fell back one or two notches. This should give enough space to keep the blood circulation going, in principle. But I wasn't so sure about that. He carefully tied the belts one by one, and in the end he locked the padlock at neck height, if I should have any thoughts of getting out of the tight sleepsack. My friend asked if it would be possible to move, and I tried the best I could, but it was all in vain. I couldn't even wriggle!

"So this means that the only part of you being able to move is this lump of meat here?" he asked and flicked my dick. Also this was unable to move, as for a long time it had tried to get hard without any success. But at least it was hard within its confined space. "I do hope that you have kept it well creamed, for otherwise it might hurt a bit!" He pulled my dick up to lean it back so that my balls were exposed. "Too bad that I can't play with your dick now, as it is all locked in. But then I will have to play with these two instead!" he said and gently squeezed my balls. I expelled a light moan, for unable to see how they looked I had the feeling that they were pretty stretched under the built-in cockring, and I could tell that they were very sensitive.

This didn't lead to any comments from my friend, but I could feel that he softly carressed my balls, and this was a strange feeling as my balls were normally not that sensitive. Maybe they had become more sensitive now my dick had been taken out of the game. But now both my balls and my dick felt like were they about to explode. The pain was so intense that even though I had thought it imposssible I was wriggling a little as my dick tried to get free. But little did it help, for as a reply my friend reeled in those notches of free space which he previously had given me in my sleepsack maybe fifteen minutes before. So had I thought that I would not be able to move before, I sure was unable to move now! But my friend was still fiddling with my chastity device, and without any warning I suddenly heard a snap!

I was wondering what was happening, but a split second later I could feel the top part of my chastity device being lifted off my dick, and soon after the cockring also was removed. I had the feeling that my dick was all limb and looked like a fish stranded at a seashore. But not long after my friend tried to wank some life in the otherwise dead body. It was a strange feeling, for I could feel that it was very reluctant in becoming real hard. But my friend continued wanking, and the more he did so, the more my body tried to wriggle, now with pleasure. But I could only stay in the same position because I was tied so hard, and I was getting more and more horny.

Suddenly he stopped, and it seemed to be hard for my dick to accept, as now it had suffered three weeks without cumming, then it was released and prepared to do the long time waited cumshot, and now nothing. NOTHING! After a while he started wanking my dick again, but only for a short while. I was starting to moan, for much would I do to grab my dick myself and continue wanking so I could cum. But it wasn't possible. I could only lie there on the crest of cumming, without being able to do the last step. My whole body was in tremor, but little did it help, as I was not able to get over the crest by myself, and apparently my friend wouldn't help me, even how much I begged him to get me off. He only asked me that stupid question of how I felt, but I couldn't reply in a comprehensible way, as I was only moaning.

Then he told me that I had made quite a mess here. Apparently my dick was oozing precum, and probably it had done so for some time, for when he grabbed my dick I could feel that gooey fluid around my dick. He wiped it clean and then sat down to finish his beer. This was torture! To lie here so close to cumming and not able to do anything about it. I again tried to get some relief for my dick, but all I got was the little wriggle I could do. My friend took a big gulp of his beer and without spilling a drop he enclosed my dick with his beer-filled mouth. This was a strange feeling, for not only was the beer cold, but the carbodioxide was prickling everywhere on my dick.

I tightened my glutes to lift my dick off from this carbodioxide hell, but of course this did not help. My dick felt like foaming and was now so hot that after a few seconds the beer had become warm too and I could feel how my friend now swallowed the beer, the same time almost swallowing my dick as well. Then my friend rose and sat down on my thighs, pinning them to the floor and then started wanking me again, and this time he didn't stop. I was in blissful heaven as I could feel my dick building for the final cumshot. My whole body tensed and my breathing stopped, like was my body draining all its energy to my crotch. Also my back arched and my hips lifted, almost lifting my friend from the floor.

Finally I was allowed to cum, and after the first squirt it seemed to continue splashing. After the first squirts it felt like all my energy had been drained and I was now lying totally exhausted in the sleepsack. The flow of sperma subsided to a steady flow and then to a trickle. Slowly I came back to reality. My friend was pretty impressed of my achievement and when undoing the sleepsack he said that we should do it again some other time. I looked deep in his pretty dark eyes and said that next time he maybe should be in the sleepsack instead of me!