L y c r a m a n

Chapter #4: Chastised!

For a week my dick was to be locked in the chastity device which my friend had locked me in since that Midsummer event in the village, and I must say that it had been quite an experience. Already the first night I had woken up at 4 a.m. with a pain throbbing from my dick. Sure enough my friend had told me that I probably would wake up during the night with erection, but I had never given it a thought as I never had experienced a nightly erection before. Probably because my dick had never been tied down during the night, so till now my dick had been able to expand and subtract without my knowledge while I was sleeping. But this clearly was no longer possible and my poor dick tried to expand where it was not possible. I simply had to get up and tried to calm it down with cold water, which I only partly succeded in.

I returned to bed and tried to fall asleep again, but this wasn't easy. For what if my dick tried to become hard again? Of course I could break the plastic lock, but this would be too revealing, and my friend would think that I had played on the side. And I didn't want to give him wrong impressions. I decided that I would do my best to accept the chastity and keep my dick restrained for that first week. And if I wouldn't be untied after that first week, when my friend returned from his football camp, then I would have to consider if I wanted to be restrained the following two weeks or not. For the moment I just took one day at a time.

I stretched out on the bed and relaxed. I had kept the window open, as it was a nice and warm summer night, and a slight breeze was coming through the window. This was one such night which I loved, as I liked the coolness of the air after a long nice summer day. If possible I should have gone camping on one such night, but this would not be because I had to be at work in only a few hours. And while I would be going to work my friend would be going to that training camp with his football team. Yes, he could have all the fun he wanted while I would have to stay in the city without any chance to have some fun because of the chastity device he had locked on me.

I was thinking why he had done so, if I previously had been mean on him. But thinking on it I thought no! Contrarily he had told me that he had put that device on me so that I would always remember him. Also he had told me that he would be happy if I still would be wearing it when we met again after his vacation. So he had planned to meet me again when he returned home! Actually he never before had told me that we would meet again, so maybe this was some kind of opening up. I must have fallen asleep in the meantime, for suddenly my alarm bell rang, sunlight was streaming in through the open window and it was time to begin a new day.

I was a bit anxious that the chastity device would show its outline too much if I was wearing the light shorts I usually do in the summer season, but I didn't want to cause too much attention by wearing long pants in that warm summer day I could figure it was going to be. So I chose some black, but still quite light shorts, hoping that the shape of the device would not be too visible under the black shorts. Then I crossed my fingers and went down the stairs to my car. My nervousness came back when I entered the office, but as always I was one of the first to get there, so I was happy when I could hide behind my desk. And once my other colleagues had arrived and no-one apparently paid any attention to the device I invisibly was wearing under my shorts I could begin to relax, and I seemed to forget about it most of the time.

The good idea about being one of the first to get to my office was, that I was also one of the first to leave. So as usual I checked out at 3 p.m. and began the ride back home. I was happy that I had 'survived' my first day wearing the chastity device in the office, so maybe I would take it more relaxed the next days.

Still there was one more job I had to do before I could call it a day, and this was to go on my daily run. I had never run with a chastity device before, and I was a bit worried that it would rub my thighs too much when running. But it had to be tested. Normally I just wear a pair of lycra shorts when running in the summer season, and in general I never wear anything under my lycra, but in this situation I chose to wear a jockstrap under the shorts to minimize eventual rubbing. That day I only went for a half hour run, and after finishing it I could happily notice that I wasn't annoyed by the chastity device in any way.

After the run I had a nice and long shower, making sure that I would be well clean. Special consideration was taken to clean my dick and the chastity device and rub it with a good cream afterwards, so I could be sure that if my dick once again went on an adventure by itself within its limited space during the night, it could do so pretty smoothly.

It seemed that my dick every night went on an adventure on its own some time between 3 and 4 in the morning. For every time I woke up with the same pain throbbing from my dick, that it needed more space in which to live. And there was no way I could give more space to my dick, unless I broke the plastic seal. And as a principle I didn't want to do that. Now when I had suffered the chastity device for so long I wanted to take it through to the very end.

Driving home from work on Friday I knew that it was not long before I would see my friend, for as he had told me earlier the bus would return home from the football camp on Saturday afternoon. So with a little luck I would see him again coming afternoon. This afternoon, when I went on my daily run, I got the idea that I would invite my friend for a run the next day when he had arrived home. I had the idea that it should be like a treasure hunt, him searching the treasure and with secluded instructions about which way he should go. And in the end we would meet up together. So while doing my running today I kept an open eye for where I could put those secluded instructions.

On Saturday, at noontime, I sent a text message to my friend that we should go for a run at 5 p.m. This way he would have no possibility to decline to go for a run with me, and I also had the feeling that he wouldn't mind going for a run with me. The meeting place would be the parking lot behind the coffee shop at Ruxton Avenue, and there would be a message for him in the windshield of my car, telling him more exactly where he could find me. Then, after having parked my car conspicuously in the parking lot I wrote the first message on a piece of blue paper. This piece of paper I put inside the windshield, visible from the outside. The paper read: "Welcome back from the football camp! You are now invited to go on this tresaure hunt, and to start this hunt you will begin by running down the trail, upstream along the river till you reach the old bridge about two kms away!"

This should be fairly easy to follow, so now I was running down the trail myself, upstream along the river until after two kms I reached the old bridge. Here I was to put the next message, and an old wooden railing with plenty of rusty nails seemed to be a good place for the next message, which I wrote on a similar sheet of paper. The paper read: "To continue this treasure hunt cross the bridge to the other side and follow the dirt road to the stonewalled area. Look at the northwest corner of the stone wall where you find the next track!" I then folded the paper and pinned it onto one of the rusty nails as the next track. Then I crossed the river on the old bridge and continued on the dirt track.

Not far away was the stonewalled area, and initially this had been a place where the farmers had broken and kept their cattle, but now it was all overgrown. The northwest corner was easy to find, and here there was not too much annoying growth, so it would be easy to lift off one of the rocks to put the next message under it. Again I used the same kind of paper, and this time the message read: "Find the small stream which runs just north of the stonewalled area. Then follow this small stream uphill till you reach a small lake. The next track is at the big rock just near the outflow of that lake!" It was obvious that I knew this area pretty well, but I had also done some studying there the day before. I put the paper with the message on the corner of the stone wall, put another rock on top of the paper so it was compressed between those two rocks, but still it was clear to notice the paper tucked between those two rocks. Then I walked the short distance to the small stream.

Reaching the small stream I started climbing up alongside it. I was now ascending the valley side and quickly I gained elevation. The view over the valley was now opening up and there was a nice view down to the main river winding its way down the bottom of the valley. Further downstream I could see the coffee shop where I had parked my car, and I could see all the way my friend was going to go from there. I looked at my watch. The time was still 3.30 p.m. so there was still plenty of time available. From up here it was easy to see that this was an alpine valley, where thousands years ago it had been carved by a glacier. This glacier had receded long time ago, but still there were signs left from those by-gone days. On both sides of the valley there was a line of rocks which showed the maximum extend of the former glacier of the Ice Age, and such rocky lines often direct the flow of water from further uphill.

But this place the regular line of rocks by some reason was interrupted, so here the mountain stream was forming a small lake in the hollow before running through it and straight down the valley side towards the river below. And this was where I was going to put the fourth message. I had not had a particular rock in mind, but I was pretty sure that there would be plenty of big rocks around this place. And right after the hollow, where the line of rocks started again after its interruption, there was a big square rock, which was something like tilted on one side. Here I wrote the fourth message on the same blue paper as the three previous tracks. This time the paper read: "Go down a little through the dry valley shaped by line of rocks. After a few minutes you will see a cave on your left maybe twenty meters up. The last message is at the entrance to that cave!" This was a place I knew pretty well. I had been there several times before, and it looked like shepherds had occupied that cave from time to time, as it was dry, and there had always been plenty of hay there. I put the fourth track on the big square rock and marked it with a cairn.

Quickly I ran down the dry valley and soon I saw the cave twenty meters up to the left. It was easy to get there and soon I was at the entrance. I went into the cave and looked around for something special. I spent some time looking for that something special but couldn't find anything like it. Thus I had to make do with something else. At the side of the cave there was a rock wedged between the foundation of the cave and the overhanging rock forming the roof of the cave, and testing it I found that this wedged rock was going nowhere. I pulled out a small chain with attached handcuffs which I had taken with me from home and locked it around that wedged rock. Now came the most difficult task, and this would be to get my friend to cuff himself to that rock, even if I wasn't there. I pulled out my last piece of paper, the same kind of paper as I had written my other messages on.

And this time the paper read: "Congratulations! You have now reached the end of this treasure hunt. Throughout the recent six days I have suffered in chastity waiting for you to come home. But I have kept my promise, the plastic lock is still unbroken. I am just a few minutes away from here, and pretty soon we will meet. But after having endured the six nights in chastity I would like to know if you are willing to go just as far. On your right side is a set of handcuffs chained to the wall. By putting your hands in those cuffs and close them you show to me the highest level of trust possible, and I will be there in a few minutes to unlock you. And if you don't trust me, if you don't believe that I will come to unlock you, then leave the cave now!"

I knew this was a risky game, for quite probably he would not lock himself in the cave. Because this time I would not be on call as I was far away from my computer and the chat room and purposely had not brought my cellphone. So it would be only his decision. Though even if he did not cuff himself and left the cave I would pick him up, as I myself was looking forward to have my chastity device removed, but I wanted to test him this way, whether he had trust in me or not. I put this fifth track in an obvious place in the cave entrance and left the cave.

The time was now 4.15 p.m. so if my friend arrived in the parking lot behind the coffee shop at Ruxton Avenue on time it would take almost two hours before he got here. It would almost be possible for me to get down to the coffee shop in time for my friend's arrival, but this would destroy the whole idea. Instead I went for a nice and comfortable place where I could wait for my friend.

In the line of rocks next to the dry valley I found a nice spot to sit and watch. I had brought my binoculars, and with them I scanned the area. In them I could clearly see my car in the parking lot, and from there I could follow the trail I had taken to the bridge, to the stonewalled area and on to the stream coming down from the hollow just above me. Sure I would have to leave this place once my friends began climbing up the slope, but for the moment there would be no need to hurry. I glanced down on the valley and thought of the many times I had been running here. Those were not few, and presumably there would be more to come. One day I would take my friend there, going for a real run with him and not these short adventures like this one. I looked one more time at the parking lot and then put the binoculars to the side. The time was now 4.35 so there would still be some time to wait.

I stretched out and laid down in a position where I could have a look on Ruxton Avenue. There was not much business going on. Once in a while a car rolled up to park in the streetside parking lot and about just as often a car left that place. But apparently no-one were using the parking lot behind the coffee shop and my car was looking so lonesome in this deserted area. I felt pretty sure about what car my friend was driving, but to make sure I checked the drivers in my binoculars on those few cars coming there. Only once did a car drive into the parking lot behind the coffee show, but this guy was nobody I knew.

After a while things got a bit boring. Time was now 5.30 and there had been no sign of my friend. He should have been there half an hour before, but I decided to wait for him until 6 p.m. and then I would descend. Maybe I had decided wrong in going there without my cellphone? But I would find out later.

At 6.15 I decided that my friend would probably not come so I left my watchpost and walked back to the cave where I took the message, the handcuffs and the chain - though on second thought I left the chain in the cave as it might come useful some other time. Then I continued to the cairn, to the corner of the stonewalled area and to the bridge. All those places I took back the tracks, as there was no reason why other persons should go on my treasure hunt. Then I returned to the parking lot behind the coffee shop at Ruxton Avenue so I could switch on my phone.

Once I was connected to the grid I could see that I had three unread messages and two unanswered calls, all of them from my friend. And after having heard the messages I could find out that he had arrived home earler than expected and had tried to meet up with me earlier. But this had not been possible because I was out of reach. So after a while he had decided to leave for his family one day earlier, so he had left the city at 5 p.m. so he could be there in the evening!

I could start crying now! My friend had been here waiting for me, and he had been ready to go for a run with me. But I had made myself unavailable just because I wanted to play that trick on him! But this way I didn't get anything out of it. I got no run with him. I got no chance for him to show his trust in me. I got no chance to unlock him from the handcuffs. And I got no chance to show him my pride of having been chastised for six nights. Now he was gone to some foreign state, and he would be away for the next two weeks.

Would I survive this? And would my poor dick survive another two weeks in chastity? I doubted it, but I could only hope for the best. I knew that I would have to try staying in chastity for those additional two weeks, as I could only thank my own foolish behaviour for this. If I had not played this trick on him I could have enjoyed maybe a couple of hours in his company, and certainly my dick would have been freed by now. But I had been so stupid, so actually I did not deserve to have my dick released.