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Chapter #3: A Midsummer Event

After that first night in the Mountain Club I had met my dark-eyed friend in an Internet chat room several times, but I had never had the opportunity to meet or just to see him in person again. Several times I had hung out in Men's Bar, just hoping for that chance to see him again, but so far it had all been unsuccessful. My only connection had been the phone numbers we had exchanged at his departure from the Mountain Club, and it was through this that I later had gotten to know his screen name. But when chatting we never came further than small talk or the casual and short chats, and I was about to think that this was it. I had enjoyed that half hour we had been together in the club, but this was now several months ago, and I was thinking that maybe it was coming to the time where I just had to move on.

Midsummer was now coming, the air was warm and inviting for some outdoor activies, and almost every day after work I went for a short but brisk run in the parkland to keep my fitness level up. Every evening, after my daily run, I went to the chat room to keep updated of what was going on in the neighborhood. It was clear to see that people were changing into holiday mode, as many of the usual guys were no longer in the chat room, and those who were there were eagerly discussing where they were going in their holidays, it being Palm Springs, Provincetown or Ibiza, or some other remote place. But I had limited interest in those discussions, for I had all that I needed within an hour's drive: the mountains, the wood, the river and the lake. I did not need to travel far and wide to get to some crowded beach, as for that I knew of a nice secret sandy beach in the parkland.

Suddenly a well-known name entered the chat room. It was my friend from early Spring, the guy I had had suspended in the Mountain Club that Spring evening, and howling like the wolves I was among I asked him where he would be going in his summer vacation. I could not be surprised when he told me that coming Monday he would be going on a weeklong training camp with his football team, and the rest of his holiday he planned to spend with his family in a neighboring state. I had in the meantime found out that my friend was single, so when he said that he was going to spend his holiday with his family it would more probably be with his parents than with wife and kids. Though I found it a bit strange that still he had not found a partner, especially as he regularly played in the football team. There would be a lot of guys to choose from there, I thought. But maybe those guys were too homophobic to allow themselves to engage them deeper with my good dark-eyed friend.

I suddenly had an idea and asked if he would like to go on a picknick with me on Sunday. I had read in the local newspaper that a nearby village was organising a Midsummer event coming Sunday. There are a lot of persons of Scandinavian heritage in this area, and true to their tradition this village organised a Midsummer event with exhibitions, traditional farming workshops and finishing it all with a large bonfire in the evening. We could go there at noontime, starting with a walk in the local wood there and find a nice place to settle down for our picknick. Then later we could return to the village, see the workshops and the exhibitions and stay till the bonfire in the evening. Throughout the event the local train would be running there every other hour, and if he liked the idea I would suggest that we took the noon train. This was all planned instantly, and somehow I didn't give my friend much time to consider. For during that brief chat I had developed an urge that now I did want to see him again. And I was happy that he accepted.

On Sunday, just before noon, we met up at the central station, lightly dressed in shorts and T-shirts as is meet and proper on a summer day. I had not seen my friend for a very long time, and I welcomed him on the platform with a big hug and a hot kiss. I could feel that he was still that muscular guy I had learned to know months before, as he pressed all the air out of my lungs when he hugged me back. Of course we could have taken the car, but the local train was running in a more direct line, and going by train made it feel more like a holiday. Also I liked the knowing that when going there by train it would not be so easy to leave the place unplanned.

The train left the central station on time and slowly moved out of the city. For a start it followed the river outwards, and it was nice to see the valley I used to run in from a different angle. But then the train started to climb the gradient up to Crescent Pass though getting through the pass itself there was a tunnel. On the far side of the tunnel the train descended into the neighboring valley. Which looked pretty similar to the one we had just left; up here densely forested with cliffsides and mountain slopes, with caves and hollows being signs from the old mining industry which in former days had lead to construction of this railway line. Good that this railway line was now coming to some good use. Down in the valley we could see fields and farmland, and this was the place we were going to.

After about forty-five minutes the train came to a halt in the village. The station was at the outskirts of the village, so it was like getting off near a big garden. And after only a few minutes we were out in the open farmland, which here more looked like a parkland in my eyes, with big trees scattered everywhere. The sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing. Only a few minutes away, and soon we emerged into the green wilderness.

We were dressed in only shorts and sneakers, our shirts now flung over our shoulders, and it was a nice feeling of the wind blowing on our halfway naked bodies. We walked the trail through the forest for a while, but then I turned down a faint animal track. Leaving the trail behind us, we penetrated deeper into this world of green, and after a while we entered an open glade and settled down in the long grass.

I brought up a basket with a few but simple goodies. A lump of bread, a small selection of cheese, and a bottle of red wine. The plastic bag in the bottom of the basket was put aside for a while. Enjoying each other's company, we were having a pleasant time, and soon the red wine was all gone.

You relax and stretch out in the grass. But I liked to stretch you a little bit more, so we move to the trees next to us. After peeling off your red nylon shorts, I tie your feet to two different trees with the long shoe laces of your sneakers, exposing your crotch to the warm rays of the sun. Apparantly your dick likes the feeling of warmth and, like some other spring flower, raises its head towards the sky. I rub you a little on your inner thighs, then I go back to the basket and get the plastic bag. With two additional ropes I tie your hands to two other trees, leaving you naked, spreadeagled on the ground.

I take off my own shorts and pull them down over your head, making you smell the sweaty body of mine by every breath you take. I stand back for a while looking down on you, enjoying the sight of your beautiful body lying there on the ground. But I also see that a part of you is craving attention, and I lock my lips around your stiff dick. Your body starts to quiver as my tongue is licking its way around your vibrant dickhead.

Grabbing your asscheecks from behind, I thrust your dick into my mouth, and soon you cum, squirting the milk of your manhood into my mouth. I like the taste and greedily lick every drop of it. Your mouth is longing for a lollipop yourself, but lying spreadeagled as you are, there is no way of getting it, unless I will. And for the moment I won't let you. Instead I lube my finger with the last of your sperm and make you lick it clean.

I'm cleaning you off by licking the sweat from your balls, then I take my shorts from your head and give you a hug and a long deep kiss. I myself liked to have my body spreadeagled between the trees, and I was sure that my friend would like it there too. So we spent some time there, enjoying the sunshine. But I didn't want to cause my friend to have a sunburn, so after about half an hour, I decided to free him from the spreadeagle. Releasing you from the trees, we remained lying next to each other for a while until it was time to go on.

Looking for your own shorts, you find they are nowhere to find. While you've been tied up I have hidden your shorts among the trees. It doesn't matter, though, as I've brought some spare for you. In my plastic bag I find a pair of rubber briefs for you, with the special feature that there is a dildo on the inside, effectively blocking your asshole once you have put them on. On top of the rubber briefs I fit you into a pair of tight, black cut-off jeans, thus keeping everything in place once I have secured your waistbelt with a small padlock.

Closing the padlock, thus knowing that now you ass is all mine, I give you a hot embrace, and then we leave the glade, now properly dressed, and continue our walk through the forest, disappearing among the trees.

Not long time after we returned to the village, which now was more crowded with people. The Midsummer event had officially started in the meantime, and it was interesting to walk our way between the various workshops. In some stall it was shown how harvesting was made the old-fashioned way without the use of an automatic harvester, and in another stall the cows were milked by hand. And in a nearby stall cheese was being made. In the wood workshop a team of men were working to make large laths of timber for house construction from a large log, and in a corner some guys were chopping roofing sheets for a coming house.

It was interesting to see how all that timberwork was done by a wide array of specialized axes, to me as a novice an axe was an axe, but even to me it was clear to see that for the handworkers an axe was not just an axe! Also the only saw I saw used was the monstrous two-man saw with which the big logs were divided into thinner laths. Naturally there was also a blacksmith forging the horseshoes or the iron reinforcements for the wheels for horse-drawn carriages, and another blacksmith was producing homemade nails and other small utensils. Nowadays we seem to take things for granted and just buy those things in the hardware shops, but only a hundred years before a lot of those things needed specialist handworkers, which in those days were available in every village.

The central square in the village had been turned into a marketplace where the local people sold their produce, it being cheese, honey, flour and ham or various kinds of handicrafts. Also there was a small amusement park, which probably was intended for the children, but there was also a rollercoaster, a shooting range and a rink of bumper cars. And there was also an artificial bull so those guys wanting to challenge their ability of riding a bull could get their balance tested. I looked at the other guys trying their luck on the bull, only to be thrown off the bull a few seconds later.

Suddenly I got a nasty idea, and I went to the guy running this bullriding show and paid for a ride for my friend. I knew the dildo was still locked deep in his ass, and it would be interesting to see how he fared. From the start he declined to climb the bull, but I told him that if he could stay for the given one minute on the bull I would double the prize, and I would be all his for the rest of the day. And all of a sudden he was easily talked into testing himself on the bull!

The bell rang and the bull started bucking and spinning. I should have know better, for being a football player with plenty of experience in dodging his opponents and a whole lot of stamina in his body I was amazed to see my friend sitting stable as a rock on the artificial bull, no matter how much it twisted, turned and bucked. I could notice that the guy running the bullriding show tried to speed up the bull, but little did it help, my friend was like glued to the bull, and I could only imagine how his ass would feel, the way it was pounded by the locked on dildo due to the erratic movements of the mechanical bull.

Much too soon the bell rang again, my friend had survived the sixty seconds on the mechanical bull, and I was only happy to double his prize. He slipped off the bull when it came to a standstill, and after he was given the prize by the operator I led him away from the crowd to a quiet place where I could kiss and praise him for his effort. Sure I would double the prize as I was extremely proud of him.

I don't know if it was the double prize or the possibility that I could become his for the rest of the day that made him do the decision and climb the bull. But I knew that from now on I would stay a bit worried of what ideas he could think of. We then went to the cantina, as I thought that now we both deserved a good meal. So we got a whole rack of ribs to share between us, and I also saw to that we had a good bottle of wine. My friend told me that he didn't want to sit down for the moment, as his ass was aching after the bull ride. I was considering if I should unplug my friend, for he had worn the dildo for several hours now. Initially I had thought that he should wear it till midnight, but now after his bull ride there was no particular reason for him to do so. Though for the moment I let it stay in for a little longer.

The sun had now gone down and the village people were about to get ready for the bonfire, so people were now moving towards a big stack of firewoood where the fire soon would be lightened. I sat down on a tree stump with my friend sitting on my lap, and I hoped that when he was sitting on my lap I maybe could give him some comfort after his ordeal. With him sitting on my lap I had the best opportunity to massage his nipples or bite him lightly in the back of his neck.

Maybe fifteen minutes later the fire was lit, and it was applauded by the many spectators. But I didn't think so much of the fire, as I had my nose buried in my friend's neck hair, and inattentively I was still playing with my friend's nipples. He really had a good body and I was thinking if maybe in the future we would see each other more often. The next few weeks I wouldn't see him as he was going to the training camp with the football team, and then he was going to visit his family. But maybe later once he had his holiday plans over and done with. I really enjoyed this time I had with him, but deep inside I felt that we were probably not going to become partners. But at least I could make the most out of the limited time we had together.

Suddenly my friend rose, and in a quiet voice he said "Come with me!" And without hesitating I followed him. We left the fire and walked back into the forest, back the way we had come from in the afternoon. The forest was now almost black, but there was still light enough in the northwestern sky to find our way. But we were not going to walk far. In between a growth of trees he stopped and told me that he was now going to tie me to the trees. He had no really bondage equipment with him, but he remembered the two ropes I had tied him with in the early afternoon. He was now stripping me of all my clothes and then pulled my own shorts over my head, this way making sure that even if I had been able to, I now no longer was able to see anything.

He kicked my feet apart, and I could feel him untying my shoe laces, only to tie them again to two nearby trees. Then he found the two bits of rope we had used in the afternoon, and skillfully he tied my wrists to the trees higher up. I was now stretched in a standing spreadeagle, totally naked except for my shoes, and unable to see anything. He then hugged me, gave me a deep kiss and then thanked me for a wonderful evening. And then he was gone!

I could hear him walking away, the sounds of his footsteps getting less noticeable by every second - and then it was quiet. I could hear the faint sounds from the fire, and I was thinking that in worst case I would be able to alarm those people and call for help. But on the other hand I didn't feel like being in a good situation for a rescue, with my tied naked body between two trees - this would just raise too many questions. I felt absolutely sure that my friend would come back again and untie me, if just I waited long enough. So I tried to put myself in the most comfortable position possible and mentally prepare myself for a long waiting time.

How long I stayed there I didn't know, but probably not more than fifteen minutes. At some time I heard footsteps approaching, but I didn't say anything, as I could not be sure if it was my friend. The footsteps stopped right in front of me, and I could imagine that the guy was now inspecting me closer in the dark night. Suddenly I felt a warm mouth swallowing my dick! I had not expected that, but it indeed felt good and my dick instantly came alive.

I could now be pretty sure that my friend had returned, and I did my best to enjoy the situation. Which wasn't particularly difficult, as I had not cummed for a week now. I felt the sensual flow of ecstasy rising up my body, but just as I was about to shoot my load he withdrew. This was really close to torture as I was ready to shoot a big load, but now I couldn't. If only I had had my hands available I would have been able to pull myself the last bit over the cliff and I could have cummed so easily. Though for now it wasn't possible.

A few minutes later he grabbed my dick again, jacking it vigoriously, but again, a split second before I would have cummed he stopped. And he did it again and again and I was getting more and more frustrated. Finally he grabbed my dick again, and this time he took me over the cliff. I expelled a soft cry, and my friend knew that now I was ready to cum. Just a few seconds later my dick virtually exploded. My whole body was shaking furiously as I shot one load after another until I finally collapsed in my bonds.

But he wasn't finished with me yet. I could feel that he was putting a cock ring around my balls and also something around my shaft. A little click told me, that whatever it was it was now locked on my dick. Then he untied me, pulled my shorts off my head and said that I could put my clothes on now. I soon donned my clothes but also had time to unplug my friend and also removed the rubber briefs. There was no time to go searching for the lycra shorts I had taken off him earlier that day, so instead I put him in some of my own white lycra shorts which I had brought as a spare. It was getting late in the day, and within a few minutes we found the way back to the fireplace. The fire was still on, but it had now died down considerably. People were leaving the place now and heading for the train station, And we followed suit.

Because of the Midsummer event there were some additional trains going to the central station now, and we hopped aboard one of them. For the forty-five minutes train ride back to the central station we sat pretty close, my good friend leaning on me while I had my arm around his shoulder. Yes, it had been a good day, and I hoped that there would be more to come this way.

At the central station we split apart, as we were going in different directions.

Back home in my own apartment I pulled down the shorts to see what my friend had left on my dick, and I soon found out that it was a chastity device he had locked on me. And naturally he had kept the key for himself. I called him to ask what the idea was for that thing, and he told me that with this I would always remember him. Tomorrow he would be going to the football camp, and then he would not be available. But he had locked the chastity device with a plastic lock, so if needed I could easily break the plastic lock and get free if I wanted to.

Yet he would be happy if I still was wearing it when we met again after his vacation. He would call me when he got back from the football camp, and if it worked well I could keep it locked during the following two weeks. If I did that he would refrain from cumming himself, for this way we would really be longing for each other once those three weeks were gone.

But he adviced me to keep my dick clean and give it some good cream every day so it could stay supple. And last but not least I should not have sex with other guys, as the chastity device physically would prevent this. I probably also would wake up during the night with a nightly erection, and this would also be impeded by the device. But he said that he would only be happy to unlock me when he had returned in about three weeks' time, and if I could keep it on for those three weeks this would be a sign for him that I was serious.

He rang off and I stayed sitting for a while, staring at the telephone. So I was locked in chastity now! This would be some three long weeks where I wouldn't be able to wank myself, and also I would not be able to have any fun with the guys I knew from Men's Bar. But my friend had told me that he would be happy to unlock me once his holiday was over. I could only imagine what nice feeling it would be to have him unlocking my dick, so for the moment I decided to go for the first week where he was in the football camp, and then we could take it from there.