L y c r a m a n

Chapter #2: The Bearcave

Gary Moore was playing one of his good old blues tunes on the radio as I was driving home from work. I had finished my business before time and had decided to take the rest of the day off. The weekend was ahead of me, weather was nice, and I was quite content with my position. Coming home I would go for a run, and after dinner I would go downtown for a beer or five.

At home I quickly changed into a simple cotton T-shirt and my usual lycra shorts, and soon after I was heading for the parking lot behind the coffee shop at Ruxton Avenue. This was a nice place in the outskirts of town, and I used to park my car here before going on a run. I usually go for a run every other day, and normally I would be running up along the river, a nice parkland with plenty of tracks to choose from. But today was different. Now I had some extra time I would use the opportunity and run up a side valley with some nice woods.

About an hour later it was time to turn back towards town. The run had been somewhat longer than expected, as I had forgot how beautiful the views from this side of the valley were. I was lost in thoughts about the coming weekend as I suddenly realized that the sun wasn't shining anymore. Behind me a huge black cloud was rolling down from the mountains, and I knew much too well what that meant. A thunderstorm was on its way, and although they usually don't last long, it is best to be out of the way when they comes. I faintly remembered passing some cliffs coming up here, probably I could seek shelter there.

It took me only ten minutes to run down to the cliffs, and my idea about the cliffs had been right. Not only there were some large overhangs, but below one of the overhangs was a wide opening in the rock that seemed to be leading to a cave. Without giving much thought of it I climbed the easy rocks to the cave entrance and slipped inside. But I had not been fast enough. The thunderstorm was faster than me and had caught me in the last minutes. Luckily it wasn't so cold, but my T-shirt was clinging to my body, wet from sweat and rain. I didn't think much of it, the rain was now pouring down outside and I was glad to be in here out of the rain.

I sat down in the back of the cave and relaxed. There was nothing much to do about it now, I could only wait until the rain ceased. I was listening to the rain coming down outside, when suddenly I got a feeling that I wasn't alone in the cave. I pricked up my ears, and now I could hear it. The sound of someone breathing slowly. Or something...

My eyes were now adjusted to the gloomy darkness in the cave, and I could see that there was no-one around me. But further to the right I could see that the cave apparantly continued in a tunnel, and the faint sound was coming from there. For a while I wondered what to do, if I should abandon the shelter here in the cave and get back out in the rain, or try to find out what that sound was. Well, I may be naive, but I had a feeling, that whatever it was down that tunnel, it wasn't dangerous, so I rose and moved towards the tunnel entrance.

Feeling my way along the tunnel side I moved closer to whatever it was. I wished I had a flashlight with me, but I hadn't. I didn't walk far before I felt some steps leading down. I must have stumbled a little, for suddenly the breathing sound disappeared. I strained my ears to pick up every sound, but there wasn't any. Or was there... I sensed something moving behind me, but before I could turn around something had grabbed me round my chest pinning my arms to my side. My heart missed a beat in surprise and I kicked back hard to hit whatever it was. I hit something and a roar penetrated the silence of the cave. This didn't help me, though, and I was lifted from the ground and brought further into the cave.

With a thud I was thrown on my back onto the cave floor. Luckily the floor was covered with hay, but before I could get away the beast sat down on top of me, its immense weight literally nailing me to the ground. I tried with my fists to punch for its body, but all in vain. The beast just put its feet on top of my lower arms so I couldn't move an inch. I was fully in its power. I tried to scream for help, but my throat contracted with fear, and with the weight on my body I had barely air to breathe. I could only wait for the inevitable.

This just didn't come. The beast, or what it was, was just sitting there on top of me, contemplating me as if it had X-ray vision. How easy it could have beaten the shit out of me, even killing me, but it didn't even try to. Maybe my first feeling, that whatever it was down that tunnel, it wasn't dangerous, had been right. I felt a huge hand on top of my chest, its big fingers tugging at my cotton shirt. Then suddenly, the shirt was torn apart with one simple jerk of its hand. Was it a claw? I don't know, but whatever it was it hit my right nipple in the tear. I let out a faint cry, but that only seemed to draw the beasts attention, its big fingers closing on my now bleeding nipple.

It was like a strange dream, or like being in another world, lying immobile in the gloomy cave with the beast sitting on top of me, its fingers working over first my right nipple, then my left, then both. I wondered what kind of beast it was, or if it was a beast at all. My first thought had been that it was a bear, as there are quite a few bears around here, but this beast surely didn't behave like a bear, there was something human-like to it. I had heard some stories about the Saskatch, the Canadian abominable snowman, but if that thing existed at all, it was supposed to live about a thousand miles further north.

Somehow it felt like the beast was interested in me, but not the way a cat is playing with the mouse. I more felt like being the laboratory animal scrutinized by the professor. However, this feeling didn't last long. Suddenly the beast rose, but only to turn me onto my stomach and then it sat down on my thighs. If it was a professor and not a beast, it surely had its strange ways of showing its science, as it started to poke at my asshole. Well, I wasn't unfamiliar with someone poking at my hole, but it surely was strange that this beast could show the same interest. What was it up to?

I soon was to find out as the claw slashed between my buttocks, but my lycra shorts was made from a much stronger material than my torn cotton shirt. It didn't succeed in tearing my shorts, but the beast didn't stop at that. It slashed down again, and soon the center seam bursted, leaving my hole exposed. I couldn't believe it. That fucking ape was about to rape me! I was in two minds about it - on one hand I had always had the secret dream of being raped by a gang bang, but on the other hand I wasn't sure if this beast would be the right partner for it. But did I have any choice, pinned to the floor as I was?

A scream was echoing through the cave. The scream was mine! Without hesitating the beast thrust itself inside me, not caring about anything but its own satisfaction. My hole had always been tight, and some of the guys at the club back home had never succeeded in getting inside me. But this beast didn't care, and soon it was inside me, giving me all gynaecological lessons in a splitsecond. I felt like I was going to explode, as I was virtually ripped apart by its gigantic dick. This was no vanilla, and as the beast rhythmically thrusted again and again I was pushed further down into the hay. Then one more scream was echoing through the cave, but this time it wasn't mine. The beast shoot its load inside me, and I could feel it pumping me full of its semen.

The beast was utterly strong, but blowing its load apparantly made it let out the steam, and the beast collapsed on top of me. I could feel its heavy and furry chest against my sweaty back and smell its animal breath at my ear. The beast was still inside me, but I could feel the tension ease as the last drops were draining from its dick. Not a word had been spoken, but who was there to speak to? Some minutes later the beast rolled down at my side, releasing its pressure on me. I was no longer held tight, but still I was afraid of escaping. Apart from the bruises on my body and soul, it seemed like the beast had taken care not to hurt me unnecessarily, but how would it react if I tried to escape?

I waited about five minutes. Although I couldn't see it, I could feel the beast's body next to me, its breath slowly fading to the sound I had heard as I entered the cave. Then suddenly the beast rose and moved away, disppearing in the blackness of the cave, leaving me alone. If I was to escape, it was now.

With caution I rose from the hay and strained my eyes to find the way out of the cave. Although the beast had brought me further into the cave I faintly could see a spot ahead where the rocks were a little lighter than the other, and very slowly, not to make any sound I started to move towards the light. But where had the beast gone? Was it out there somewhere, waiting for another attack? I grabbed a piece of rock for defense, but again I was in two minds about whether to use it or not. Well, the situation will decide, I thought and slowly continued moving silently up the tunnel.

As I neared the room where I had heard the breathing sound for the first time it gradually got lighter, and once in the room I could see that the beast wasn't there. Either the beast was gone, or it was still somewhere behind me. I looked back into the gloomy tunnel, and then back again. Ahead of me light was shining through the entrance - this was the way to go. I crept along the walls towards the entrance, every second expecting a huge hairy body to block my way of escape, but it never came. Slowly I poked my heard out of the entrance. Outside the sky had cleared, the thunderstorm long gone, and only a slight breeze was blowing up the valley. There was no sign of the beast, so I slowly left the cave and climbed down the rocks towards the ground below. Once on the ground I ran, as fast as I could, away from the cave.

A few miles later I stopped, my body all sweaty and my chest heaving from running. I had successfully escaped and could calm down. I felt battered, with bruises all over the body, a throbbing pain in my guts, my shirt torn apart and a hole in my shorts. I may have looked like coming out from a pub fight, and dressed like that I would probably be arrested before I got home. The police would never believe my story. But well, I was still several miles away from home, and had plenty of time to think about how I would come back to my car. I looked at the sky. Probably it would be dark once I was back in the town.

I started again to jog slowly down towards the main valley. The pain in my guts prevented me from running faster, so I just had to take the time needed. I wondered what the whole story was about. I didn't even know what kind of beast it was. It wasn't a bear for sure, and although the beast sure had some humanlike behaviour, I was pretty sure that it wasn't a man either. Again I was thinking about the Saskatch, but again - if this animal exists it must be very shy, as it hasn't really been observed yet, so very probably it would stay clear of humans. But if it was neither a bear, nor a man, nor a Saskatch, then what the hell was it, hiding in that cave up the side valley? Or was it only a bad dream? I looked down on my shirt, the two parts flapping at either side. No, it wasn't a dream!