L y c r a m a n

Chapter #1: The Closed Bar

It was an average Thursday night in the club premises. The clock had just passed midnight, and as usually I was tending the bar at the Mountain Club. Mostly the club premises were used for various meetings of the different divisions of the club, or for courses, but on Thursday evenings the club was open for everyone, coming for a beer and a talk with other members. The last visitor had just gone, and I was balancing the cash and cleaning up the stores. It didn't take long, as I had tended the bar on Thursdays for two years now, and half an hour later I was ready to leave. Switched off the lights in the library and the meeting room and finally turned off the main lights in the big room around the bar. Closing off the premises I headed down the flights to the backyard.

It was early spring, and coming out onto the streets I could smell the snows of the recent winter, but somehow the air was not particular cold. It was still too early to go home, so instead I headed downtown. I liked to be around mountain people, but I had learned that although most people in the mountain sports are men, there are not much my kind of men around, real men to hug and kiss and spending the night with. It was only a brisk walk to Men's Bar where I knew I could be around the real men.

Entering the bar I greeted a few of the other customers and sat down at the far side of the bar where I was able to overlook most of the room. I was a regular here and didn't have to ask before a beer was placed before me. Making a wink to the bartender and squeezing his left nipple through his tank top I made him put the beer on my bill. I smiled a little to myself and wondered how many of the other guests at the bar who knew that the bartender had a piercing in his left nipple. I took a gulp of my beer, let out a relaxing sigh and then concentrated on the other guys in the bar.

I realized I knew quite a few of them, but most were talking to each other, and it was not the right time for intervening. At my right side was an elderly couple having a very deep discussion of some kind of business matters, and the guy on my left was eagerly attending the flip machine. At the other end of the bar was a drowsy guy that surely looked like he had had a few beers too much, but next to him was a good-looking guy, sitting more or less by himself. The lights in the bar were dimmed, and him being on the other side of the bar I could look straight at him in a natural way. I knew I had seen him before, but never had the opportunity to have a talk with him. I estimated his age to be in the thirties, not a particular big guy, with black hair and dark eyes, and although there wasn't that much light in the bar I now and then could see the reflexion from his eyes. I have a feeling that I can tell a lot from just a look in another guy's eyes, and what I was seeing here was something I liked.

Suddenly I became aware that he was staring right at me the same way as I did, and a little embarrased I smiled at him and indicated a cheers to him with my bottle of beer. As reply he turned his bottle level to show that it was empty, so I raised my eyebrows and called the bartender to give that guy at the other end of the bar a fresh beer. And finally we could cheer each other. A little later I had finished my own beer and went to the loo, and coming back I noticed that the drunk guy next to my guy had left, so I sneaked in on my guy and without warning kneaded his pecs from behind. He turned to me with surprise in his eyes, and I asked if he minded me sitting down next to him. No problem, he said, and I sat down, ordering a fresh beer for myself.

And then we started talking. I am not very good at small-talking and actually prefer to talk with my hands. So while talking I was moving my left hand up and down his thighs, all the way looking into his eyes to see if I was going too far. But apparantly he seemed to like it, and after a short while he started moving his hand up under my shirt. This really felt good and was a promising start. He told me that he had been here two-three hours and had considered going home, but it would be allright to stay out for one more beer or so. He was working in an office in the suburbs and had to be home not too late to be ready for next day's work. Fine with me, I said. I wasn't to meet so early the next day and would very much like to spend an hour or so with him.

While saying so I moved my hand up between his thighs, just a second, and then down again. He turned to me with a special smile, a little wicked, and moving his arm around my body he squeezed my right nipple very hard, the same moment drawing me close to him and giving me a quick kiss. I was a little surprised, not having thought him being so strong, but then leaned on him for another kiss, this time exploring his mouth with my tongue. Some of the other guys at the bar smiled at us, but I didn't care. This was exactly what I had been longing for.

We continued talking, acting like normal guests to the bar while exploring each other with our hands, invisible beneath the bar. I told him that I was a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, having an office job myself in the weekdays and being outdoor hiking or climbing in most of the weekends and holidays. He looked at me with surprise in his eyes, asking me the usual questions, if it wasn't a dangerous thing to do. No, I said, it was not dangerous as long as you know what and how to do it, besides I always bring my rope and gear at the slightest hint of danger. That sounds very interesting, he said, and asked me if I could show him how. Sure, but I have to know a little more about you, I said, and returned to his crotch where I could feel his bulge developing. I could take him to a secret place and show him a little about the equipment needed. And it wouldn't last more than an hour, I said.

A few minutes later we left the bar, heading back to the Mountain Club. At the gate I told him that this was a very secret place and I would like to blindfold him, as not to see what was going on, he should only enjoy the feeling. Well, I am absolutely sure that you won't hurt me ... so much, he replied and drew me close for another kiss. We had a long kiss, and then I blindfolded him with a handkerchief, knowing that I wouldn't be able to see his wonderful dark eyes for a while. Then I opened the gate and led him through the backyard to the stairs. All awhile I was telling him exactly where we were going and where to put his feet, so he could feel sure and confident with me. I led him up the three flights and into the club premises. Closing the door behind him I let him sit down on a couch and started to undress him.

He had a very beautiful body. In Men's Bar he had been wearing baggy clothes and a large jacket, but now I could see that he was muscular built, with strong legs although not particular big. Those muscles were built for work, not for showing off. As I commented this he told me that when I was out climbing mountains he was a football player, and being not so big as most, he just had to dodge the other players instead. I smiled at him and let my hands glide up his massive legs and said that I was sure he could climb some mountains. Let me see if I had something that fits.

I went into the meeting room. Half the room was lined with chairs and tables, but the other half was vacant, with bolts in the ceiling to demonstrate different climbing techniques. At the corner was a large cupboard with equipment and I selected a harness, a piece of rope and a few carabiners. Coming back to the couch I made him stand up and put the leg loops of the harness around his thighs, one by one, finally securing the waistband around his waist. This is such harness we use to climb with, I said, all stress is put on the legs or the waist. Let's see it in practice.

I led him to the meeting room, made him stand up on one of the chairs, and with trained hands I connected the piece of rope to the harness and one of the bolts in the ceiling. Now just sit down slowly, I instructed, and he lowered his body about 10 cm before he was stopped by the rope in the harness. I lifted his feet and removed the chair from below him. Now how does it feel? I asked. Not quite bad, he said, but apparantly his mind was somewhere else. Hanging about 30 cm above the floor his hands were resting on my shoulders and working their way down my back. You really have some nice body hair, he said. True, I have some very furry shoulders and further down my back, so I removed my shirt, giving him free access to my upper body.

It was a very alluring sight, seeing this guy totally naked, swinging slowly on the rope, the weight on his thighs and his jewel case hanging freely below. I started kneading his pecs like I did in the bar, then working my way down and past his nipples and abs, circling around his semi-hard dick before continuing down his legs. I could have tied his hands to some other bolts if I wished, but I thought he would feel more safe if he was able to remove the blindfold any time he wished. But he had no intention in doing so, instead he moved his hands around my hairy back and chest all the time, squeezing my nipples now and then.

Working my way down I put my weight on his legs, stretching him out and then swallowed his dick with my mouth. I could feel him getting surprised, straining his muscles, but soon he relaxed again and his dick started to expand in my mouth. Slowly I released the weight on his legs, and soon I was letting him go, touching him only by his dick. I sucked his dick in a natural rhythm, thus making him swing back and forth more and more, and soon it was going all by itself, his dick thrusting my mouth and throat every time he swung forward.

He was starting to moan, squeezed my nipples very hard as was he trying to drag me closer this way, but I continued my eager sucking even more so. Just before he was about to cum I switched rhythm, now sucking while he was swinging backwards, and the vacuum thus created around his dick made him cum very quickly. A scream echoed in the meeting room, as he was shooting his cum in big drops all over my head, his whole body shaking from the effort.

As he got weak I ducked down below him, made him sit on my shoulders, lifted him up and released him from the rope before carrying him back to the coach. Here I cleaned him with my tongue, his sweaty chest, his crotch and dick, before lying down next to him. Slowly I removed the blindfold. They were still there, those beautiful dark eyes, now with a blissful glimpse in them. I rolled onto him, and while giving him a long and hot kiss he put his arms around me, giving me a merciless bearhug. This really was a strong guy, and I was very happy to have shared this short time with him.

After lying together for a while, enjoying the contact between our hot bodies, we slowly came on our feet, and he started to dress. I asked if he wanted a beer, and first saying yes, he looked at his watch and then said that he'd better be going. Giving the harness back to me I refused to receive it and said that it had been a wonderful evening to me, and if he felt the same he should keep the harness as a memory. He looked at the harness, then at me, and then said it might well be of some use some day, twinking his eye.

He soon finished to dress, and heading for the door I asked him if we may meet again some other day. Well, he was pretty occupied at work and was quite busy at the football team as well, but if he had some time off he probably would go to Men's Bar again. Maybe we would meet there again another time. I surely hoped so, I said, and before leaving we exchanged phone numbers. Seeing him off with a mutual bearhug, the way that only strong men can do it, I watched him go down the stairs.

A few moments later I saw him from the window, crossing the backyard towards the gate, and just before disappearing through the gate he waved at me. I waved back, thinking if I ever would see him again.